How to pitch a TV show

on Tuesday, 21st Jun, 2011 from 7:00PM

How to pitch a TV show

Learn to make your TV ideas real - with a BAFTA nominee

in Bethnal Green, United Kingdom

with Tim Wardle

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Class details:

Have you got an idea for a TV programme that could be the next 'Wonders of the Universe' or 'The Only Way is Essex'? This class is made for you. Tim Wardle has spent 10 years in the TV world pitching formats and documentaries to all the main broadcasters in the UK with lots of success. Among others, he's had a hand in creating Million Dollar Traders Lambing Live and Make Me Honest (all for the BBC). He'll share with you his knowledge of the UK TV industry - how the business works; who's who in the UK; where to pitch your idea; and how to craft an elevator pitch, synopsis, and treatment. This class is suitable for anybody who fancies seeing their programmes on the small screen.


School of Everything
18 Victoria Park Square
Bethnal Green
E2 9PF
United Kingdom

What you'll learn:


  • How the TV ideas industry works
  • What makes a good idea


  • How to format an idea for a tv show or series
  • How to pitch it to a broadcaster/production company

Be able to:

  • Generate fresh and original tv ideas which have a realistic chance of being commissioned
  • Write a strong treatment for these ideas

Tim Wardle

About the teacher: Tim Wardle

Tim Wardle is a BAFTA nominated producer and director. He has been Head of Development for Documentaries at the BBC in London, as well as Head of Development for Blast Films and Century Films. He has directed two documentary films for Channel 4 - Mr Average and Coppers and was named by Broadcast Magazine as one of their Hot Shots in 2008.

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