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    [video]Gavin Meikle posted a video on 27 November 2008 - 4:54pm.
    David Wilcox posted a link on 27 November 2008 - 3:18pm.

    Delivering public service in the digital age

    Last week Tom (Loosemore) participated in a panel event at Channel 4 on what public service means in the digital age, which enabled him to talk about 4iP in more detail. In addition to Tom, the prolific panel was chaired by Reuters journalist Eric Auchard, and included web investor Saul Klein, Chair of Ofsted Zenna Atkins and CFO of, Ryan Regan.

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    Raga Rani posted a note on 26 November 2008 - 11:05pm.


    Unchanging ever remaining, love's stillness in great turmoil
    Life giving never fading, spring's sunrise for life's daily toil
    All conquering past sunsets, praising His divine autumn sculpturing

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    Raga Rani posted a note on 26 November 2008 - 10:39pm.

    Remember me

    How do you remember me?
    Is it by a smile or a softly spoken sigh?
    Is it the quick-witted laughter or a sudden argumentative disaster?
    Maybe just to dream together or share the reality of life forever?

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    Raga Rani posted a note on 26 November 2008 - 10:33pm.


    Lost in life is a captured delight
    Hidden from sight is the fire of this night
    Close to a heart lives the fragrance of love
    Search for life's seasons from Heaven above
    Sweet dreams remain in wonders to come

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    David Wilcox posted a link on 26 November 2008 - 12:03pm.

    Tactical Tech

    Tactical Tech is an international NGO helping human rights advocates use information, communications and digital technologies to maximise the impact of their advocacy work. We provide advocates with guides, tools, training and consultancy to help them develop the skills and tactics they need to increase the impact of their campaigning

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    Raga Rani posted a link on 25 November 2008 - 7:09pm.

    Vocalist Malyaban Chatterjee

    A few words about Malyaban...

    Performed over 200 solo performances, Malyaban Chatterjee is an extremely talented vocal musician who has created a huge impact in the world of Hindustani Classical Music. Malyaban started his initial training at the tender age of five under Sri Sunil Neogi, a foremost disciple of Pandit Narayan Rao Joshi. Later he had the priviledge of receiving extensive taleem for fifteen years from Pandit Manas Chakraborty.

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    David Wilcox posted a link on 25 November 2008 - 4:28pm.

    Andy urges us to Do the Green Thing

    How Andy Hobsbawm established the campaign site Do the green Thing

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    David Wilcox posted a link on 25 November 2008 - 4:18pm.

    Socialreporter | Can Coca Cola save children’s lives?

    One in five children in developing countries die before they are five from simple causes like dehydration. My friend Simon Berry believes he has an idea that could help, as we discussed when we met yesterday to talk about the 2gether08 Festival

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    David Wilcox posted a link on 25 November 2008 - 4:18pm.

    2gether08 | BBC adds more support for Simon’s Coca Cola Campaign

    Simon Berry got a double boost at 2gether08 last week for his campaign to get Coca Cola to use their sophisticated distribution channels for rehydration salts to save children’s lives. Currently 5500 children die each day in Africa from diarrohea.

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    Andy Gibson posted a note on 25 November 2008 - 3:24pm.

    The Human Intranet

    Here's the presentation I gave at the NCVO yesterday, now with added Zappa.

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    Amy Sample Ward posted a link on 25 November 2008 - 3:07pm.

    Social Media still about individuals from Liz Straus

    reminder that we are still connecting with real human beings.

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    [video]Laura Tovey posted a video on 25 November 2008 - 1:21pm.
    Paul Miller posted a link on 25 November 2008 - 11:38am.

    Process is an embedded reaction to prior stupidity - Clay Shirky

    Probably the smartest piece of advice to any growing organisation.

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    Raga Rani posted a link on 25 November 2008 - 12:56am.

    Bengali Association Midlands

    In the Midlands there are many cultural activities which reflect the way that British Asians keep traditions alive.

    Enjoy viewing the activities of religious festivals, music, dance and drama festivals.

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    Raga Rani posted a note on 25 November 2008 - 12:46am.


    NOTES – SUR Listen to CD* and practise the different types of notes

    ATTUNCK NOTE - means single, single, single

    SLUR NOTE - smooth use of notes

    GRACE NOTE (MEEND) - is pulling the notes during singing

    VIBRATO NOTE (GAMAK) - Use of ‘Motay Sur’ or Thick notes

    JUMPING NOTE (CHOOT) - Jumping Note is moving 1 to 3 notes or more

    MURCK – colliding of fast notes

    JUMPING GRACE – when we jump the notes with the Grace Note
    ZAMZAMA - Lots of Murcks make Zamzama

    HUMMING - La la la is called humming


    PRELUDE - Introduction music

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    David Wilcox posted a link on 24 November 2008 - 10:21pm.

    Advice from technology evangelist on social media

    Ian Hughes of IBM says that where people want to promote the use of social media, he offers the same advice whether they are in a small group or a corporation. First go and try it for yourself.

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    David Wilcox posted a link on 24 November 2008 - 10:20pm.

    Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise have become popular rallying points for those trying to improve the world. These two notions are positive ones, but neither is adequate when it comes to understanding and creating social change in all of its manifestations. The authors make the case that social innovation is a better vehicle for doing this. They also explain why most of today’s innovative social solutions cut across the traditional boundaries separating nonprofits, government, and for-profit businesses.

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    David Wilcox posted a link on 24 November 2008 - 10:19pm.

    Business Models on the Web | Professor Michael Rappa

    Business models are perhaps the most discussed and least understood aspect of the web. There is so much talk about how the web changes traditional business models. But there is little clear-cut evidence of exactly what this means.

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    David Wilcox posted a link on 24 November 2008 - 10:18pm.

    The Power of Collaborative Innovation: NESTA Connect

    Roland writes: Since we launched in June 07 we've refined our narrative about what we do and why, and I wanted to get it down in writing here as it has evolved and invite comment and discussion, perhaps even from the eminent delegates at Davos (you never know!).

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