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    Peter Brownell posted a note on 14 November 2008 - 11:45am.

    Testing Drupal's Notifications - delete your entry from notifications_sent

    Drupal's notifications module is pretty darn useful, but, you need to have some methods for testing it otherwise you will wait days for updates.

    One of the simplest little tricks is making sure that you receive an update immediately, just delete your user's entry from the notifications_sent table. This means that you have no history of updates, and the system will think you are due an email.

    mysql> delete from notifications_sent where uid = 128499 limit 1;
    Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

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    Amy Sample Ward posted a link on 14 November 2008 - 10:06am.

    Strategy building w/ POST method

    Here is an example of a workshop game and a handout I have used when teaching nonprofits about building social media strategies (focusing on goals and people before tools).

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    Amy Sample Ward posted a link on 14 November 2008 - 10:02am.

    Conversation Prism

    This blog post has the graphic and explanation from Brian Solis about the conversation prism (the charted social technologies by funcation).

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    Amy Sample Ward posted a link on 14 November 2008 - 10:00am.


    NTEN and the nonprofit technology community lead by Beth Kanter and others have built a toolkit and instructional guides about how social media strategies and tools can enable nonprofit organizations to create, compile, and distribute their stories and change the world.

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    Dougald Hine posted a link on 14 November 2008 - 2:43am.

    How to write Consistently Boring Scientific Literature

    A not at all boring article that's full of genuinely good advice on what not to do if you find yourself writing a scientific paper.

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    Hugo Rumens posted a link on 12 November 2008 - 12:32pm.

    Great use of rc helicopters

    A BBC report on scientists using a radio controlled helicopter to collect samples from whales breathing out.

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    Andy Gibson posted a link on 12 November 2008 - 12:20pm.

    Controlling the conversations

    Here's an old post of mine about controlling conversations in web 2.0 projects. Key message: 'get out of the way'!

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    Bohdan Shmorhay posted a link on 12 November 2008 - 12:46am.

    Bohdan Shmorhay contact information

    Contact information for Ukrainian language tutoring.

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    Andy Gibson posted a link on 11 November 2008 - 12:09pm.

    Digital Health Service

    My friend Gavin runs this great service that runs workshops in 'digital health' and provides tools to help people have more positive and productive relationships with technology. I may need to book myself an appointment...

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    Andy Gibson posted a link on 11 November 2008 - 12:04pm.

    The Mindapples Test

    What's the mental health equivalent of five-a-day? Take the test and decide for yourself what *you* can do to manage your mind.

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    [video]Andy Gibson posted a video on 11 November 2008 - 12:00pm.
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    How to play The Smiths, This Charming Man bassline

    Interestingly, this bassline also fits "You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes.

    Coincidence, or something more sinister...? ;-)

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    Peter Brownell posted a note on 11 November 2008 - 11:07am.

    School of Everything Amazon EC2 Server Architecture

    The School of Everything presentation on how we are using Amazon's Cloud is now availble online, along with a few other presenations from the Amazon Startup Sessions.

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    [video]Andy Gibson posted a video on 10 November 2008 - 11:45pm.
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    Money is debt

    Thanks to Euan Semple for posting this neat video about that dreaded, fearful thing... MONEY!

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    Hugo Rumens posted a note on 10 November 2008 - 5:06pm.

    ssh tunnels

    I have been trying to get my head around ssh tunnels lately as I need to be able to access a development web server on our private network that doesn't have an IP accessible from the internet.
    It's taken me a while to understand what is going on; it can be pretty confusing.

    I'd recommend the following for a good explanation of what ports are used, e.g. when your browser requests a page:

    And I thought this was probably the best single page explanation of tunneling:

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    Hugo Rumens posted a note on 10 November 2008 - 12:00pm.

    Fixing my helicopter

    I spent quite a lot of the weekend fixing my Blade 400 helicopter but I didn't manage to finish it. The lesson here is after you crash, take it apart and work out all the parts you need first! I thought I could tell what was broken and went to the shop and bought the new parts, but it was only after taking it to pieces that I realised I needed other parts as well, so now I have to make yet another trip to the shop.

    And make sure you have all the tools you need beforehand. Obvious of course, but I still learned the hard way..

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    Andy Gibson posted a link on 7 November 2008 - 2:58pm.

    Fred Wilson on hacking education

    Nice piece by respected VC Fred Wilson on how the web is giving 'power to the people' and what this could mean for education.

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    Hugo Rumens posted a link on 7 November 2008 - 11:37am.

    Linux commands

    Slashdot had a great comment thread on helpful/stupid linux commands the other day - "cd" is one of the most basic commands in linux and one of the first you learn, but I never knew that "cd -" would change your directory back to the last one you were on.

    The best comment though was the Russian Roulette method to delete something (the original had rm -rf / of course):

    [ $[ $RANDOM % 6 ] == 0 ] && rm some-file-to-delete || echo "You live"

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    [video]Dougald Hine posted a video on 6 November 2008 - 3:33pm.
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    Home brewing the easy way

    I haven't tried following his method yet, so I can't vouch for the quality of the beer you get! But the video seems to explain things clearly.

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    Dougald Hine posted a link on 6 November 2008 - 3:16pm.

    Try your hand at transcribing 17th century documents

    Try transcribing a document and get it marked.

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    Russell Blakeborough posted a link on 6 November 2008 - 2:20pm.

    Learn Hungarian

    A course to learn Hungarian

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