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    Martin Cosgrove posted a link on 7 February 2009 - 11:16am.

    Michel Thomas Method

    If you are interested in learning Spanish using this method, but prefer LIVE interaction with a teacher, check out my profile:

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    Martin Cosgrove posted a note on 7 February 2009 - 11:13am.

    Give Me More of Your Lip

    This is an article I wrote for the Times Educational Supplement. It was published in their magazine on 7th September 2007. If you are interested in learning Spanish with me online using this revolutionary method, please visit my profile:

    Link to article on TES website:


    Rote learning and memorising lists of verbs are out fluent talking is in, with the Michel Thomas language method. It works by boosting pupils’ confidence, says Martin Cosgrove

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 7 February 2009 - 8:00am.

    How To Say 'I Love You' In 5 Languages

    Japanese - Aishiteru

    German - Ich liebe dich

    Italian - Ti amo

    Hawaiian - Aloha wau ia oi

    Hungarian - Szeretlek

    Learn more languages here

    All our love
    Team Everything x

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    David Wilson posted a link on 7 February 2009 - 1:53am.

    Bushin Kenpo Kai

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    [video]David Wilson posted a video on 7 February 2009 - 1:24am.
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    Bushin Kenpo Mix

    This is a video I put together of me teaching at my dojo back in 2007. Sorry about the length of the intro, got a bit carried away, LoL.

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    Hugo Rumens posted a link on 6 February 2009 - 8:36pm.

    Should executive pay be capped?

    An interesting opinion piece from the CEO of netflix on why Obama's plan to cap the pay of CEOs of US public companies is the wrong move.

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    Hugo Rumens posted a link on 6 February 2009 - 5:06pm.

    Monty quits Sun

    So the main guy behind the mysql database has left Sun - what effect will this have on the future development of mysql?

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    Raga Rani posted a note on 6 February 2009 - 11:18am.

    Kingdom of Softly Spoken Snow

    Snow falling softly whispering,
    tread lightly for Love is beckoning.

    Iced prints etched bemused,
    marks the cool silent falling views.

    Softness of white, O just to touch
    your glorious gown of embroidered Queenly delights.

    Memory lanes, forgotten are your treacherous spears
    steely waiting, strike the moment
    cloaked by a deathly avalanche of fears,
    so so coldly bitten, White covering Black.

    Just waiting.
    just being,
    just seeing,
    just sighing for the Silent purity of softly spoken Snow.
    White icicled mirrors belonging
    to a frozen timeless Kingdom of Love longing.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a link on 6 February 2009 - 8:00am.

    How To Write A Love Letter

    All our love
    Team Everything x

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    M 1st TOP GEAR posted a note on 5 February 2009 - 7:13pm.

    Driving Schools, driving Lessons driving Instructors, Portsmouth Gosport Fareham

    Leading Driving school for driving lessons. Full 1 hour driving lesson or more and 1-1 tuition with a male or female Instructors from all the PO1 to the PO20 area codes. Also covering Gosport, Fareham, Lee on Solent Hill Head and Titchfield over to Southsea,Portsmouth, Northend, Fratton, Eastney, Cosham, Portchester, Paulsgrove, Waterlooville, Hayling Island, Leighpark, Havant, Emsworth and Chichester. with Manual and Automatic driving lessons.

    Students, NHS, Armed Forces, New beginners and Block booking Dicounts,
    PASS PLUS, Refresher Lessons and Motorway Tuition

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    warren de Reuck posted a link on 5 February 2009 - 7:03pm.

    Bunbukan Academy

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    Neil Daycock posted a link on 5 February 2009 - 6:12pm.

    Cycling Now

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    Sangeet Gyawali posted a link on 5 February 2009 - 3:07pm.

    Design the ugliest website contest

    all the best!

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    Mark Nielsen posted a note on 5 February 2009 - 11:46am.

    Opera Web Standards Curriculum

    Have just been show a fantastic new resource provided by the makers of the Opera web browser. This is a proposed curriculum to provide a foundation to learning about web design.

    May well try to develop courses around this curriculum.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 5 February 2009 - 8:00am.

    Learn To Flirt

    Flirt with Kitty Stryker

    All our love
    Team Everything x

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    linda styles posted a link on 4 February 2009 - 2:05pm.

    'Mark of the Hand' 26 July – 6 September 2009

    ‘Mark of the Hand’
    Date of exhibition: 26 July – 6 September 2009
    (Preview – 25 July 2009, 6-9pm)
    Gallery opening hours – Daily 10.30am – 5.00pm
    Contact Name: Linda Styles
    Contact Phone Number: 01326 312069
    Contact Email: [email protected]
    Trelowarren Gallery: 01326 221567

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    [video]Andy Gibson posted a video on 4 February 2009 - 9:38am.
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    Straight A's in Love

    "If they'd give me a mark for learning in the dark, I'd have straight A's in love."

    Ah, the genius that is Johnny Cash.

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    Paul Meager posted a link on 4 February 2009 - 12:51am.

    Low Cost Coaching Introduction

    My website is under reveiw at the moment, but feel free to drop me a line to [email protected] should you want to take advantage of a free consultation.

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    Hugo Rumens posted a link on 3 February 2009 - 5:31pm.

    Techcrunch interview with founder

    Interesting short interview with Robert Kalin who started Etsy.

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    Audrey Miller posted a note on 3 February 2009 - 3:39pm.

    Grow your own Food

    Audrey's "Grow Your Own" Blog

    At the risk of sounding smug I am keeping to my New Year resolution to reduce my carbon foot print by eating more food that I grow myself. Despite those sub zero temperatures earlier in January I have with just water, warmth, air and a few jars above the kitchen radiator managed to get a very good crop of sprouting mung, aduki, alfalfa, chick peas and green lentil seeds.

    Adding them to soups, stir fries and salads has proved a really fun way to get at least one of my 'five a day' of very fresh veg.

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