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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 25 December 2008 - 8:30am.

    Merry Christmas from Team Everything

    From all at School of Everything:

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    [video]Claire Medcalf posted a video on 24 December 2008 - 8:31am.
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    Snow Pun Intended

    How to Build a Snowman

    Since it’s nearly Christmas, here are two lessons in one:

    1. Get up early before the lovely crisp white snow turns into dirty brown yucky sludge, and give this a try.

    2.Never, ever, ever eat yellow snow.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 23 December 2008 - 8:24am.

    Cool Snaps

    Take Good Photos in the Snow

    Cameras at the ready! Photographic evidence that everyone had a lovely Christmas is a must! Make like David Bailey and show your friends how it is done!

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 22 December 2008 - 8:30am.

    How to Ho Ho Ho

    Father Christmas has signed up to… sort of.

    James Croft is an Arts Education Expert by day, but as the festive season approaches, chances are he’ll be taking on the prestigious role of Father Christmas once again. And if you ask him nicely, maybe he’ll teach you how.

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    [video]Claire Medcalf posted a video on 21 December 2008 - 8:30am.
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    It’s a Wrap

    How to wrap your Christmas gifts

    The Wham! Rap is a stroke of musical genius; but when it comes to Christmas presents, if your best efforts look like this, fear not - here is a little lesson in how it should be done.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 20 December 2008 - 8:30am.

    Get Cracking

    Make Christmas Crackers

    How do cats greet each other at Christmas?
    "A furry merry Christmas & happy mew year!"

    If you like your jokes so bad they hurt, buy your Crackers from the High Street. But to make your Christmas go with a bang – make you own.

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    [video]Claire Medcalf posted a video on 19 December 2008 - 8:30am.
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    Angel of the North (Pole)

    How to Make a Snow Angel

    The odds of a white Christmas in London this year are 7/1. Keep your fingers crossed and give this a try.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 18 December 2008 - 8:30am.

    Possibly the most important lesson at Christmas

    How to cure a hangover

    Christmas tipples can leave you feeling a bit topsy-turvy the next morning. Don’t get hung up about your hangover. Learn how to massage it away.

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    [video]Claire Medcalf posted a video on 17 December 2008 - 8:30am.
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    A Sight for Saw Eyes

    Alternative Office Party Entertainment

    Check out Musical Saw teacher Charles Hindmarsh and his amazing rendition of ‘Walking in the Air'.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 16 December 2008 - 8:30am.

    Have a Very Minty Christmas

    How to make sweet stuff

    How about an alternative to Christmas pudding, Christmas Cake, Mince Pies and Yule Log? Here are some very easy to make sweet treats, and you might want some of these too. Mint.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 15 December 2008 - 8:24am.

    Kissy Kissy

    How does your Mistletoe grow?

    Mistletoe is a bit weird but kissing under it is quite nice. Learn about mistletoe myths and growing tips here. If you’re more interested in the kissing and would like some lessons in love, say hello to our (very) friendly Flirting Teacher Kitty Stryker.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 14 December 2008 - 8:30am.

    Get Piste

    Learn to Ski or Snowboard

    If you’ve had enough of sitting by the fire and eating as much as humanly possible, here is an alternative: a little festive fitness. Try it in the mountains, or closer to home.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 13 December 2008 - 8:30am.

    Bar Humbug

    Rachel Rose Reid has kindly shared this recipe - a delicious alternative to mulled wine. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    Smoking Bishop

    “A Merry Christmas, Bob!” said Scrooge. "I’ll raise your salary, and endeavor to assist your struggling family, and we will discuss your affairs this very afternoon over a bowl of Smoking Bishop"
    A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens

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    [video]Claire Medcalf posted a video on 12 December 2008 - 8:16am.
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    Do they know it’s Christmas?

    How to Write a Christmas Song

    It’s the 12th December and we haven’t heard Slade yet. Odd. Christmas songs aren’t what they used to be; it might be time to contact Andy Roberts for some coaching ready for next Christmas.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 11 December 2008 - 8:13am.

    Flake Out

    Make a 3D Paper Snow Flake

    Here is how Team Everything make a school-flake.
    Are you ready to take it to the next level? Try this little gem of paper engineering – and send us photos of how you got on!

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 10 December 2008 - 8:30am.

    Crochet a Red-Nosed Reindeer

    (To the tune of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer…)

    Crochet a red-nosed reindeer
    With a very woolly nose.
    And when you start to make him,
    You will stitch him row by row.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 9 December 2008 - 8:39am.

    Write Christmas

    Christmas Letter Tips

    It’s time to put pen to paper (or touch up your typing skills) and inform friends and family what the heck you’ve been up to in the last year. If it’s been a while since you’ve composed anything longer than 140 characters, here are some helpful hints.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 8 December 2008 - 8:31am.

    (Old) School Christmas Decorations

    How to make a Paper Snowflake

    How to make a paper snowflake

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 7 December 2008 - 8:41am.

    Good Wreath

    How to Make a Christmas Wreath

    Pretty up your front door with festive foliage.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a note on 6 December 2008 - 8:35am.

    Christmas Chemistry

    Make Your Own Snow Globe

    Find out how to make your own snow globe here. Apparently choosing the right liquid and sealant is quite a science. Seasonal Science = fun times.

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