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    Cheiron Education posted a link on 3 October 2011 - 11:01am.

    Language Learning Online Community

    Practise your language skills online for free and get help from native speakers.

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    TEEC Online Lear... posted a Document on 4 September 2011 - 1:11pm.

    TEEST Online English Language Proficiency Assessment

    The TEEST Online English Language Proficiency Assessment is a secure, professional web-based assessment designed to accurately and reliably measure the English proficiency of non-native speakers of the language. The assessment scores indicate how well people can communicate in English in non-technical academic and business contexts.

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    TEEC Online Lear... posted a Document on 4 September 2011 - 1:00pm.

    Online General English Course

    TEEC's Online General English Course has been professionally designed to lift students' English langauge skills from Elementary to Upper Intermediate level in the shortest time possible.

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    Hawaii Seo posted a note on 20 May 2011 - 6:02am.

    Hawaii Website Design

    Hawaii Website Design , Hawaii SEO

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    Solomon Training... posted a link on 12 January 2011 - 3:29pm.

    Skills for Life and Management courses

    Solomon Training website

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    John Best posted a link on 22 June 2010 - 4:20pm.


    Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized according to the subject of interest. It's a very useful visual tool for comparing countries on factors such as human and social inequality, natural resources and population. Take this example, illustrating the distribution of Child Labour:

    There are nearly 700 maps, some are available as PDF posters. Worldmapper also have a series of maps on the visualisation of the world's population using a new mapping technique: Worldmapper Gridded Population Cartograms.

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    Christine Lewis posted a link on 21 March 2010 - 11:49am.

    NLN Materials

    The NLN Materials are small, flexible 'bite-sized' episodes of learning. They are not whole courses but are designed to support a wide range of subject and topic areas. They have been funded by the LSC and are available free to all authorised organisations in the post-16 sector.

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    Peter Gibson posted a link on 14 April 2009 - 11:40am.

    Modal logic

    note other links at the end of the article

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    Andy Gibson posted a Blog entry on 1 April 2009 - 9:54am.

    G20 announces academic currency

    In an unexpected move, the G20 summit today proposed the introduction of a new currency based on academic qualifications.

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    Laurence Smith posted a link on 16 March 2009 - 2:50pm.

    Peter Bruegel

    Bruegel, Flemish painter from sixteenth century, painted about 60 pictures of mostly peasant life. Big colourful and lively pictures, but what are not so well known are his drawings and engravings.
    I have taken some of them and painted in the colour scheme that I imagine Bruegel might have chosen, in order to make them more accessable.
    His interests in his society were as wide ranging as Shakespeare's.

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    Andy Gibson posted a Blog entry on 19 February 2009 - 2:23pm.

    Slang lessons

    Claire and I were in a charity shop by the office, buying suits for the next Formal Friday, and overheard the assistants giving the new Japanese assistant lessons in London slang. Here are a few terms, for those who aren't sufficiently 'street' to know them already:

    'peng' = good/hot
    'butters' = bad/ugly (As in "dem beats is butters man")
    'nang' = good
    'sick' = also good
    'sket' = a slut, a sexually promiscuous girl

    Also enjoyed their exchange with their six-year old sister:
    - 6yo: "Why can't I say 'sket'?"
    - Sister: "Um... because it's offensive"

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    [video]Paul Miller posted a video on 12 December 2008 - 4:49pm.
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    Us Now

    The trailer for Us Now.

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    Hugo Rumens posted a note on 4 November 2008 - 4:41pm.

    US elections

    Today I've been trying to get my head around how the US election tonight works.

    Wikipedia is quite helpful:

    and I thought this slideshow was very good at explaining things:

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    Dougald Hine posted a note on 29 October 2008 - 3:11pm.

    Archaeology and what it means to be "human"

    One of my favourite excuses for escaping from London is to go and help out with courses at the Blackden Trust. The Trust gives school students the opportunity to come and learn about archaeology, history and geography, working with leading academics in these fields and hopefully contributing to the ongoing process of research on this part of Cheshire:

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