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    H http://www.jkd... posted a link on 27 November 2009 - 7:54am.


    The art of Jeet Kune Do 截拳道 In English means the "Way of the Intercepting to be oneness or the way to close the gap.

    The Art of "Jeet Kune Do") is art and life philosophy founded by Bruce Lee.

    Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts and skills of fighting.

    In 1995, the Bruce Lee Foundation decided to use the name Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do (振藩截拳道) to refer to the martial arts system that Lee founded. "Lee Jun Fan" was Lee's Chinese given name, so the his method translation is "Jun Fan's Way of the Intercepting Fist."

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    Patrick Graham posted a link on 21 November 2009 - 11:18pm.

    Boxing and kickboxing classes and PT

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    [video]Charles McGibney posted a video on 13 July 2018 - 5:18pm.
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    Bath JKD - IFO....join us and continue Bruce Lee's true legacy!

    Sifu Tommy Carruthers of the Intercepting Fist Organisation (IFO) showing what Bruce Lee's true art is all about


    Join Bath JKD and be a part of this movement!

    EMAIL [email protected]
    CALL 07703800991

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    STREETJITSU ASSO... posted a note on 19 March 2012 - 2:07pm.


    Street Jitsu Association very own Thai-Kickboxing is proving once more that what we say is what we are!! never bull with us, only truth hard training and accredited instructors!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Christos Stamatiadis posted a link on 16 October 2011 - 11:48pm.

    School Website

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    [video]Liverpool Karate... posted a video on 1 November 2010 - 2:20pm.
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    Pressure Point Knockout

    This pressure point knockout was filmed in the dojo of Hartford Karate-Jutsu and carried out by Sensei Mike Dunn (Liverpool Karate-Jutsu)

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    warren de Reuck posted a link on 5 February 2009 - 7:03pm.

    Bunbukan Academy

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