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People teaching Martial Arts & Fitness

Keith Hipkiss

Mixed Martial arts instructor

Kelly Freeman

Self Defence and Ju-Jitsu instructor

Adrian Price

Aikido Judo & Karate sensei

Jo Jones

Kickboxing & Martial Arts instructor

Nasser Butt

Taijiquan Baguazhang... instructor

Danny Bigley

Martial Arts Teacher teacher

David Yokoe

Karate & Kobudo & Self... sensei

Neil Fletcher

Kickboxing Martial Arts instructor

Chris Byrne

martial arts instructor

Marc Rowley

Combat / Self Defence instructor

Alan Quinlan

tae kwon do school instructor

Larry Tuck

Chinese Martial Arts teacher

Samantha Wood

Kickboxing (Martial Arts) instructor

Martin Byrne

martial arts and self... instructor

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