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    ladder4learning posted a link on 7 April 2010 - 12:40pm.

    Ladder4learning resources

    Some of our resources have been produced by ladder4learning while some have been produced elsewhere and we have provided a link to them.

    Where resources have not been produced by ladder4learning, every effort has been made to seek permissions and credit the appropriate sources.

    Please note that while every effort is made to ensure that all information is accurate, valid and up to-date all site content is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind.

    For ease of use, the resources have been organised under the following headings, please follow the appropriate link:

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    reiki sanctuary posted a link on 24 December 2011 - 11:32pm.

    The Chakra System

    Chakras are energy centres located throughout the body. We are able to transmit and receive energy through the chakras. The chakras are closely aligned with the endocrine system. During a reiki healing treatment, the healer will focus reiki energy on these systems.

    In preparation for the Reiki Level One Attunement, I ask students to use visualization techniques to 'get to know' their chakras.

    At Reiki Level Two, visualization becomes a key part of reiki practice.

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    Anne Jones posted a note on 15 January 2010 - 4:23pm.

    Can anybody do healing?

    Can anybody do healing?

    Everyone has the natural ability to heal. The two main ingredients to make a successful healer are the ability to give love unconditionally and the intention to channel universal healing energies for you will be acting as a conduit for the energies of love. These energy streams are of such high vibration that they will uplift the spirits of the person you are helping and assist in the releasing of the imprints left of their energy field by past experiences. This will help them to let go anxiety and disharmony resulting in feelings of calm and balance.

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