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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 1 February 2011 - 10:58am.

    Special: How to remember with Richard Bowdler on Monday 21st February 2011

    Here is our second School of Everything Special. Be quick to get a place as there are only 10 spaces available. Book tickets here.

    Title: How to remember
    Date: Monday 21st February 2011 7pm - 9pm
    Location: London
    Duration: 2 hours
    Price: £30 (normally £50)
    Teacher: Richard Bowdler

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 31 January 2011 - 10:59am.

    Special: How to knit a bunny with Aneeta Patel on Tuesday 1st March 2011

    Here is the first of our very special School of Everything Specials! Be quick to get a place as there are only 10 spaces available. Book tickets here.

    Title: How to knit a bunny
    Date: Tuesday 1st March 2011 6pm - 9pm
    Location: 18 Victoria Park Square, London, E2 9PF
    Duration: 3 hours
    Price: £30 (normally £35)
    Teacher: Aneeta Patel

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 8 June 2010 - 2:36pm.

    Brixton School of Everything

    Eat. Drink. Learn. Meet.

    For one night only School of Everything will be hosting a live learning event at Brixton Village Indoor Market. It is all very exciting. Think of it as a speed dating night but for learning instead of dating.

    Brixton School of Everything

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 22 February 2010 - 3:10pm.

    Cupid's Harrow

    We’ve been adding lots of new fangled features to the website, you’re helping us test them out, and everything’s moving along brilliantly. Meanwhile, our new friends Becta and BIS have been out and about supporting us and spreading the word. One of the best things about having new friends is that you get to meet friends of theirs, and all sorts of useful things can start happening. We were really pleased when Becta invited us on a date with their friends Harrow Council - just in time for Valentine’s Day. We really clicked - it turns out we have a lot in common.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 5 February 2010 - 5:55pm.

    New things on School of Everything - can you help try them out?

    When you have a tiny team putting together new features for a website it really helps to get other people testing out what you've built. So with that in mind we'd really like it if you could give us a helping hand. We'll be very grateful indeed.

    Here are the new things that we've made live in the last couple of weeks:

    Postcode Search

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    Paul Miller posted a Blog entry on 11 January 2010 - 11:49am.

    Talking about a Learning Revolution

    We've got some very good news. Over the next few months we're going to be working with Becta and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (which usually gets shortened to BIS) to improve School of Everything and make it available to lots more people.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 27 October 2009 - 11:45am.

    The Metro covers Everything

    If you live in London and get the tube, you may have read about us on your way to work this morning. If not here's a little peek at the The Ridiculant feature in today's Metro (our favourite bit): ' should really look at the rather excellent School of Everything... sort of like a dating website, but for knowledge instead of sex.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 20 October 2009 - 1:01pm.

    Rising star

    Stop the press! School of Everything Bread Making teacher Tom Baker (Yep, that's his real name) made the front cover of the Birmingham Post Magazine last week. Tom is a busy man because he is also one of the first teachers to have signed up to our new gift scheme. You can now buy a Bread Making lesson with Tom for one of your friends or family - the perfect Christmas present.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 7 September 2009 - 3:20pm.

    Pictures mean prizes

    After the overwhelming response to our last competition we thought we'd run another! As you may have noticed we now have subject images on School of Everything but there aren't quite enough, and that's where you come in. All you need to do is send us a photograph to use on the site. You can pick any subject and send us as many photographs as you like but we'll only be picking one winner! The prize this time is a brilliant little Lego Digital Camera. Good isn't it? Send your entry to [email protected] by 30 September 2009.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 13 August 2009 - 1:38pm.

    Paragraphs mean prizes

    As you may have seen in our August Newsletter we have a little competition - fancy winning a nice prize? All you need to do is write a paragraph about why your subject is tip top and everyone should give learning it a go. 100 words maximum (we don't want English teachers running away with themselves). Oh, you're waiting to know what the prizes are aren't you? Well you will get your paragraph published on School of Everything and we will send our favourite entry a Flip Video Camera. Good isn't it? Send your entry to [email protected] by 30 August 2009.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a link on 25 June 2009 - 9:16am.

    We'd like to win - please vote for us.

    School of Everything has been nominated for a Techcrunch Europa Award. Would be great if you could vote for us!

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 24 June 2009 - 12:26pm.


    At the weekend, half of Team Everything headed up to Glasgow, bonnie Scotland to take part in the third SI Camp - so we thought we'd do a city showcase of School of Everything teachers in the area like we've done with Sheffield and Newcastle in the past.


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    Peter Brownell posted a note on 15 June 2009 - 10:45am.

    School of Everything - Scrapbook Bookmarklets

    These are some handy tools that will help with the Scrapbook.
    Bookmark the links below, and ideally get the bookmark to show up on your toolbar.

    Both of the bookmarklets are aware of the page you are on when you click them. They will immediately set the title, and use any selected text as the body.

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 9 June 2009 - 4:27pm.

    Tips for teachers

    We want School of Everything to be as good for all you teachers as possible, but how can you get the best out of your teaching profile? Well here are a few tips from Everything HQ to help bag loads of students.

    What do you look like? Perhaps most important is to put a good picture on your profile. It makes it 5 times more likely that people will click on your profile. That's a good start isn't it?

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 8 May 2009 - 1:50pm.

    Sheffield of Dreams

    Dougald was in Sheffield yesterday so we thought we'd do a little city showcase of School of Everything teachers in the area.

    School of Everything Sheffield

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 27 April 2009 - 4:29pm.

    Things I Like

    When I go through all the new profiles on School of Everything I find loads of great content from members - I normally just send it around the office but Andy said I should blog it, so here is my first little look/see. Enjoy.

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    Peter Brownell posted a Blog entry on 3 March 2009 - 5:06pm.

    Science Department Log - 2009 Week 9

    What's new under the hood on School of Everything. We have been a bit slow at writing about what we are doing down in the engine room, but this is the beginning of a plan to be a little more vocal. (We have taken the lead from Meetup's release blog.) We'll have a go at getting one of these posts out each week - but I'm not promising anything. Here we go ....

    Massive optimisation of the subject page loading

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    Claire Medcalf posted a forum topic on 23 February 2009 - 2:33pm.

    How do I Learn Stuff?

    I've had a couple of people emailing me recently asking 'How do I learn on School of Everything?' I'm not sure if this is because members are expecting something more to happen when you click on the green 'Learn this' button. Do you?

    * When you click 'Learn this' it adds it to your Learning profile and you'll be notified when new teachers sign up near you.
    * If you want to learn this subject now, the best thing is to click on 'Near you' and entering the subject you want to learn in the 'refine your search' box.

    There are some Learning FAQs in our Help section:

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    Claire Medcalf posted a Blog entry on 20 February 2009 - 3:23pm.

    Beta The Devil You Know

    As you may have seen in our February Newsletter, we are currently looking for guinea pigs.

    We hope to grow our beta testing group over the next few months and test lots of different bits of the site to make sure it does what it should and is user friendly! We are looking to test our new payment system and we were wondering if you'd like to come and visit School of Everything HQ (in Bethnal Green, London) for tea and chats and help us out with a little bit of testing. We'll give you presents!

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    Andy Gibson posted a forum topic on 16 February 2009 - 3:12pm.

    What should we do next?

    We're currently building our payment system, and also trying to improve the general usability of the rest of the site. But what should we do next?

    Current suggestions include:
    * Recommendations for other members
    * Classes and groups so you can get people together to learn
    * Improving the search, and how our subjects link together
    * Wanted ads, so that members can post what they're looking for and get help
    * More location services, particularly making the place pages and location look-up work better
    * Booking and time-management services for teachers

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    Unlimited Resources

    Every member of School of Everything can add notes, links, videos, images, documents and other things to the site that help people learn or teach a particular subject. If you're learning, you can use it to keep track of your progress in your subjects and all the things that help you learn like useful websites or how-to videos.

    If you're teaching, you can share useful resources and advice that you think will help people learn you subjects. You can tag each resource post with one or more subjects, and your posts will appear to other people looking for those subjects.

    Learn more.

    Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

    [email protected]

    Stay safe

    School of Everything is all about meeting up in the real world. Here are some tips on how to arrange your learning and teaching safely.