Adam Hurley

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu aka Ninjutsu instructor

Based in
Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Worthing at present but would consider Brighton to Chichester

Rates: £5 pay as you go,

Make an enquiry Phone: 07784921386

I am a Shidoshi Ho, or instructor, in the 100% Japanese martial art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, licenced by our headquarters in Japan and sponsored by a full Shidoshi/Shihan teacher. Also fully insured to instruct in the UK. I currently hold the rank of Nidan, or 2nd dan-degree black belt (one rank above the basic black belt). In addition, via my employer, I am a qualified First Aider with St John Ambulance.

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (BBT) is also known and marketed as Ninjutsu, as several of the 9 different arts under the Bujinkan 'umbrella' are associated with Japan's historical ninja warriors, as well as the more mainstream samurai.

Like any physical pursuit, you will start and progress at your own pace and in this case learn many many historically tested skills and principles of surviving combat, most of which are applicable in modern self defence scenarios, although BBT is not Self Defence per se, but something much larger and worthy of many years' study.

BBT consists of unarmed combat, including striking, kicking, grappling, throwing, locking, as well as the use of many historical weapons, such as sticks of various lengths, and of course Japan's famous 'samurai' swords and various 'ninja' tools.

Most practitioners train purely because they enjoy it, and whilst violence is not to be taken lightly, we strive to avoid injuries, there is no sporting or competitive 'full contact' element, and we try to have as much fun as possible, whilst maintaining a safe learning environment and not taking ourselves too seriously. Try it, you might like it!


Aimed at: Beginner and Intermediate.


After a month or so of regular training there are annual fees for Bujinkan membership and insurance of aproximately £25 in total depending upon the exchange rates with the Japanese Yen. Gradings are also subject to a small fee (up to the rank below black belt and somewhat more thereafter for black belt grades), and certificates are sent from our headquarters (Hombu) in Japan.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07784921386

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