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Alois Zenz | Music student who teaches

Rates: 25£

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I`ve been working with music since I was 10. Singing with the Vienna Boys` Choir gave me not only a strong classical approach to music, but also awoke my spirit and enthusiasm for it. Music as a subject grew on me in so many aspects.

The areas of music I have experience in and can teach are:

Music Theory (including: harmonies, keys and scales and their relations, chords, rhythms and bars, notation, notation types)
Music Performance (vocals and guitar)
Music Recording (Hard disk recording basics, Advanced recording and mixing in Logic Pro)

To become established in music, or in other words, to establish music in your life, all the areas of its appearance interfere. It`s up to yourself to define the "mix and match - box" of music in your life. I can do both, give you detailed insight in single areas, and give and overview of all. Of course, the longer you work with music, the deeper the insight in all the areas can get!

Having held music lessons already in high school, when our teacher "went to copy something" for 20 minutes, I received better feedback than our teacher for my teaching skills. I can well detect what else is needed for people to fully understand a topic. People don`t need to be pushed through a certain program, everybody learns differently, hence, every program is different. Individual lessons for individual people is the way of knowledge!


Teaching experience

Teaching experience

guitar beginners
a vocal ensemble, arranging the parts properly and teaching the songs
rehearsing and conducting a choir
teaching music theory in class (in place of the teacher)
private tutoring in English as a second language
private coaching in sound and sound engineering for project deadlines
private tutoring in German for non-German speakers at degree level

The feedback from all my clients was exclusively good! It`s the sense of empathy for what the student is wanting to learn and how to use the pupils enthusiasm that makes both sides enjoy the lessons and move forward!

Jul 2006 - Oct 2013

Vienna Boys' Choir

Vienna Boys` Choir

The Vienna Boys` Choir is a well known Austrian choir, touring all over the world.

The most important experiences gained there in the following bullet points:

One-to-one Classical Vocal training
Singing Solo vs. Singing as part of the choir
Discipline on stage and when rehearsing
Numerous vocal techniques
Singing with your mind (using images to improve techniques)
Hearing and listening training
Sonic perception training

Most importantly though:
How to stay happy when music is you profession!

Sep 2000 - Jul 2006

Educational history

Private guitar class

February, 2007 - July, 2011
Martin Schwarz
With this guitar teacher I encountered music theory continuously with more wit than ever before. Exploring the core structures of modes, scales and keys, but also chords, chord names, chord and key relations. Making the journey through music and individual and emotional one. Further on: Techniques for solo and lead guitar, guitar sounds for both lead and rhythm guitar, writing guitar licks and lines, improvisation

Matura (Austrian A-level equivalent)

November, 2006 - July, 2010
AudioOrg at the Brigittenauer Middleschool
I received a class A degree for my works and exams in Music technology (including song mixes and utilised theory), Music (study of contemporary music development and theory of harmonies), Guitar (contemporary music, song played at the exam: Sultans of Swing by the Dire Straits) German (essay writing, language use, phrasing and book reviews) English (study of the english language and language history, inclusion of literature in terms of poetry from the late 17 hundreds to today)

special certification by the institution

September, 2000 - July, 2006
Private music school of the Vienna Boys' Choir
The beginning of my musical education were 2 years at the elementary -and then 4 years at the junior high school of the Vienna Boys' choir. Strong emphasis on vocal training, listening skills and music theory.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


I can come to places in greater London as well, therefore the student would have to come up for public transport cost in addition to the lesson cost. This can also be discussed though.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07428541213

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