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Change Agent - Talking to people... changing the world coach

Based in
SE London, London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in City, SE London, West End.

Rates: £100 per hour for Personal sessions, £70 per Bars Session (60-90 minutes), £35 - 30 minute Reiki, £45 - 45 minute Reiki, £60 - 60 minute Reiki, Reiki attunements £140-£250-£450 respectively

Make an enquiry Phone: 07711 906065

I describe myself as a Change Agent - I as I help people to change their lives. Basically I help them dissolve blocks and fears to connect with their Authentic Self and help them make more sense of their lives. Working with people and seeing them evolve personally and spiritually is a real passion of mine and I absolutely love what I do.

I work holistically drawing upon a range of techniques to help people let go of their fears and dissolve their blocks. Each client is different and so my approach is tailored to suit that. I draw upon Access Consciousness tools and processes, NLP, EFT, hypnotherapy, and, where appropriate, Reiki treatments and attunements.

I live and work in Blackheath, although I also work over the telephone and SKYPE so geography and distance will not preclude you from having my help.

If you'd like to know more about me and the way I work please visit my websites, or contact me: [email protected] / 07711 906065.

It makes sense to be in control of your life - and it's never too late to start making sense of it.

Group Classes

EFT for Success and Abundance

This session is about clearing blocks, limiting beliefs, and resistance to creating success in your life, attracting abundance, and manifesting what you desire into your physical experience.

The session will include a meditation to start, followed by copious amounts of EFT tapping to cover the issues that arise in connection with Abundance and Success.

Be prepared to share your blocks with the group. This is a nice, small to medium, supportive group - very much focused on helping each other achieve the life you wish.

A basic understanding of EFT will be given at the start, but for more comprehensive EFT understanding you should either research online or attend a course with a qualified instructor.

The session will last approximately 3 hours (including break) and the investment rate include refreshments during the break.

Contact Alun for further details and address for session.

It's a: 
SE3, London, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
3pm on Saturday 30th July 2011
£20 for 3 hour session


Seichem Reiki Master

Received training and attunement in order to become a Seichem Reiki Master/Teacher.

Taught how to undertake attunements and training. Practicing as a Teacher since 2004.

May 2004

Educational history

Ascension Therapist

September, 2006 - July, 2008
University of Light
Working to learn the various qualities and attributes of the crystals used in each of the treatments. Learning to give each of the treatments, and received each of the treatments. Intense spiritual work on self to prepare to be an effective and centred Ascension Therapist. Understanding the Ascension journey, and how each of the crystal treatments aids Ascension and raising of Kundalini. Awakening the Light Body,and how to sense this in others.

Diploma in Life Coaching

March, 2004 - February, 2005
Durham College
Taught more advanced coaching techniques and methodologies, questioning and listening techniques, and how to break down barriers/resistance to achieving goals. Basic understanding of NLP techniques and how to incorporate these into Life Coaching models. Worked with 8 coaching clients over a period of a year, with continual review and feedback sessions with Coaching Supervisor

EFT Practitioner

March, 2004 - August, 2004
New Age London
Learned the basic recipe, and 9 gammut,. Worked on own issues, and understanding energy meridians in the body. How to perform an EFT session on self, and with clients. Professional boundaries. How to deal with ab-reactions. How to work with EFT over the telephone. How to use appropriate wording in order to get target the deepest issue. How to run a successful EFT business. Worked with 6 clients over the 6 month period including continual review and assessment with Trainer

Vibrational Essence Practitioner

January, 2004 - December, 2006
Emerald Heart School
Over a 2 year period, learned how to work with, sense, understand, administer, and create vibrational Essences and associated readings. In 2008, co-created the Essences of Illumination (see These essences are powerful vibrational facilitators of personal and spiritual evolution.

Diploma in Performance Coaching

September, 2003 - August, 2004
Durham College
Provided understanding of coaching and various methodologies for coaching. Taught Coaching tools and questioning and listening techniques. How to set up and manage a coaching business. Understanding of basic NLP and how to deal with resistance and blocks. 6 Case studies followed over the course of a year, including feedback and 121 review with coaching supervisor

Certificate in Life Coaching

March, 2003 - August, 2003
Durham College
Provided basic understanding of Coaching, specifically life coaching. Taught how to you some basic coaching models, and use them with clients. 6 Case studies covered as part of the training, with supervision and feedback.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


If you need to cancel or postpone an appointment I need at least 24 hours notice or you will be asked to pay for the session. For reiki attunements, all money must be paid up front or cash on the day.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07711 906065

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