Andrew Clayton

Music mentor

Based in
Walsall, United Kingdom
Andrew Clayton | Music mentor

Rates: £10 per half hour.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07865047575

I'm a husband, father and musician.

These are facts.

I like amaretto, song and elegance of process. These are my claims about myself. Judge me as you will.

Anything else is liable to be lies or pretension, possibly both.



Aimed at: Beginner and Intermediate.


I don't do this because I need the money. I have a lucrative job in a warehouse managing a team of people and answering to a bunch of Americans who think they own the place. They do.

Subsequently I shall occasionally be forced to cancel appointments. You don't pay for those. I also understand you will need to cancel sometimes. You don't pay for those either. My mobile is always on. If I don't answer, I'm asleep or inconvenienced. Or, possibly in the convenience.

If you decide I'm not the right person for you, you need to give me at least 5 minutes notice to get my backside off your property. It's just so I know I picked up everything and remembered to remind you of the good times we shared.

I don't offer refunds under normal circumstances, because you don't pay for anything until you've had it. If you don't pay up, expect bad press and me not to answer your calls. It's not personal, but I have standards.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07865047575

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