Ankhara Lloyd- Hunte

Coach and Energy Healer consultant

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Croydon, London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in London and internationally
Ankhara Lloyd- Hunte | Coach and Energy Healer consultant

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Greetings and blessings to all of you divine beings of light. Thanks for stopping by!

Over the last five years I've experienced increasing levels of joy and wonder as I've worked with more and more people in assisting them in being more of who they really are. Whether it's on a taught programme or an individual coaching or healing session, when the light bulbs of self-discovery go on for someone I'm working with something lights up in me too and I feel very blessed to have found my way to this place of service.

My area of focus in terms of training is leadership. My intention is to contribute to the developoment of spirit-centred, integrity based leadership with the greatest good of all at the centre of all leadership and management practice. Lots of people have the capability to lead but often lack confidence so for the emergent leadership course I run, my main goal is to build confidence and competence in the key skills areas. I also offer a programme for established leaders and advanced skills leaders.

The personal development workshops I offer focus mainly around creating the life you deserve

- Assert Yourself Now!
-Manifest Abundance and Create Financial Flow Now!
-Attract your Divine Mate Now!

These are great fun. Groups are small to ensure there is a real sense of safety and sharing is deep and honest.

I also coach - mainly teachers seeking promotion or a career change. Interestingly most of the issues arising are around personal development. The professional can't develop ahead of the personal!

-Coaching is a beautiful dance- a wonderful act of co-creation between two people who trust in each other and respect each other's power.

I totally love and adore working with crystals. They are so very beautiful, gentle and generous in how much they give. Most crystal healings I'm asked to do centre around the heart and releasing trauma and grief. I have trained with Melody (Love is in the Earth) and the School of White Time Healing.I am hoping to get permission to set up a self study group to do the correspondence intermediate Crytal Healing course run by Katrina Raphael - the foremost crystal expert in the world as far as I am concerned. So if you have a year or so of crystal work under your belt and have ten Sunday afternoons to do some group study in Croydon, please contact me!

So if you think I may be able to assist, or if you'd like to network or collaborate - please get in touch!

Stay blessed and be a blessing to all you meet

Group Classes

Manifest Abundance and Create Financial Flow Now!

As divine beings of light, we have the capacity to create all of our desires. In a universe of abundance, there is no reason why everyone on the planet cannot have their earthly desires fulfilled. This exciting one day programme assists you to manifest more of who you and in turn more on the material plane. This is not a get rich quick day! Its an invitation to address

-your feelings and beliefs about what you deserve
-your feelings about money and wealth
-your unconsious beliefs about wealth and money
-your relationship with money - are you great friends or foes?
-how to develop prosperity consciousness using affirmations, mantras and meditation
-the 11 laws of abundance
-your wealth profile i.e the best route for you to service and business for creating financial flow
-the spiritual purpose of delays in receiving
-working with plants, water, colour, crystals and essential oils to attract abundance
-basic strategy for being wealthy rather than having money

Yes its alot! You can be introduced to it all in a day. Then its up to you to put what you learn into practice!

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Private residence
Croydon, Outer London, United Kingdom
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Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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