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Anne Jones | Self empowerment teacher

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Anne Jones - international speaker, renowned healer and writer based in Hampshire.

As well as holding regular workshops and healing groups, I tour the world lecturing and spreading my message of love. My message has been known to help many understand themselves, heal scars of trauma, release blockages and reclaim their confidence, self-esteem and self love.

I share my knowledge and channel energies to help women reclaim and reconnect with their divine feminine power and have held a number of residential retreats over the years in England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Japan, Malaysia and other Far Eastern countries.

I am a worldwide published author of books which may help assist you to discover how the rich tapestry of life can be used as an open forum for healing and empowerment. There are CDs available which accompany a few of the following book titles:
* Heal Yourself
* Healing Negative Energies
* The Ripple Effect
* Opening Your Heart
* The Soul Connection

I am also founder of the Hearts & Hands for Africa charity, Profits raised from all of our workshops, retreats and products, including book titles, are all directed towards Hearts & Hands for Africa to support the work and initiatives that Dr Cary Yasof and myself are involved with.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Group Classes

The Power of You - The Therapist

This if the first of my new workshop series “The Power of You”.

I will help motivate you to express and connect to your true self through your work as a therapist, healer or carer.

This workshop will:

* inspire you to connect to the amazing power you have within you.
* motivate you towards achieving your greatest potential
* help you to move ahead in life with confidence, complete satisfaction, happiness and fulfilment in your life and work

This will not only help you, but those around you.

We will look at the unfinished business of past experiences that still disturb you, as this can affect every aspect of your life; issues that limit your progress at work which affect you financially and romantically.

I will help motivate you to see and accept yourself for the truly wonderful person you are.

I will show you ways that you can manage your energy and keep true to yourself even when faced with the many challenges of the demanding role of therapist, healer or carer.

It's a: 
Holiday Inn Kensington Forum Hotel
97 Cromwell Road, London SW7 4DN, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Sunday 23rd May 2010 Registration 9.45am - end 5.00pm

Healing Without Limits (retreat)

In this workshop you will release any blocks or limitations and create immediate access to your higher self, enabling you to reach new heights, fill your genetic ‘soul footprint’ and further develop your unique and magnificent potential as a healer.

Join me in Devon at a place of outstanding beauty for a workshop retreat. We will stay in beautifully restored barns surrounded by woodlands, pastures and streams.

Day One

* what barriers do you have between you and the source of your healing energies?

* looking at issues of self-belief and trust

* channelling from your higher self – claim your own powers

* working with spirit

* the importance of protection – methods available

* clearing dependencies, responsibilities, burdens of duty

* releasing negative attachments

* helping your clients to hold and anchor their new energy state

Day Two

* looking for the root cause of a problem

* clearing karma, vows, curses and spells

* genetic healing

* looking at addiction and its problems

Day Three

* healing the soul imprints – past life regression

* healing the soul – soul fragmentation

* claiming back self-esteem, confidence, voice

* releasing attached spirits to the light

* healing the etheric body and the impact on the physical state


For further details of this retreat:

It's a: 
Higher Wiscombe
Southleigh, Devon, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Monday 13th - Friday 17th September 2010
£395 - £450 (dependent on accommodation requested)

Retreat: Healing and Releasing Negative Forces

In this three day workshop I will share the techniques I use to clear and heal the negative forces that can affect your mind, spirit and physical wellbeing. You will learn how to heal, clear and manage the negative energies that can pervade yourself, your home and your workspace.

We will cover the following topics:

Negative thought forms and their effects - on emotions, words, mind, body and spirit, dissolving them and demons

The art of positivity and how to protect yourself from other people’s energies, clearing auras and clearing rooms

Shock and trauma - the effects of accidents and traumatic events on personal and spiritual energy and how to heal these

Incarnate spirits

Addictions and depression - alcohol, drugs and others, their effects on the aura; Schizophrenia, Autism – its spiritual meaning; Depression, ME and other depleting conditions

Recognising and healing possession - incarnate spirits, demons and elementals

Methods of clearing and healing

Black magic - what it is and how can we detect it?; releasing curses and clearing the karma

Buildings - how they hold past experiences; clearing, smudging and uplifting homes and offices

De-cluttering - electrically generated negativity

Earth energies - how the land can be affected, dowsing for geopathic stress, underground streams etc.; clearing Earth energies; blessing the Earth and our homes

Protection - recognising psychic attack; visualisations that protect; crystals and essential oils

Uplifting your own energy and your home - crystals, sound, invocations; group healing and clearing for the planet … and of the effects made by mass consciousness … and our country, race and culture

Clearing vows

If you know of someone or a place affected by any of these causes then please bring a photograph but ask permission from the person as their positive intention to heal will make it much easier for our work to be effective.


Further details of the retreat can be found:

It's a: 
Shambala Retreat Centre
Findhorn, Moray, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Monday 14th - Friday 18th June 2010
£385 all-inclusive

Healing Heart and Soul retreat: Guilt and Fear

A workshop retreat to heal guilt, fear and pain caused by heartache and reconnect you to your spiritual essence, your true self.

I will assist you to:

* heal the emotional wounds caused by grief, guilt and fear

* empower your intuition and personal guidance

* reconnect to your free will and the ability to make choices for yourself

* develop your inner strength and empowerment

* gain self-respect - strengthening self-esteem and confidence

* feel more at peace with yourself and your world

* make a full connection to your higher self, an amazing source of love and wisdom

This retreat is based on my book, The Soul Connection (included in the price of the workshop).


Event details can be found:

It's a: 
Boghill Centre
Kilfenora, Co. Clare, Ireland
Date and time: 
Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th April 2010
£325 (£220 if accommodation not required)


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


All of our workshops, retreats and products may be found at, including our small print.

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