Beth Follini

Life change / personal development coach

Based in
London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in & via the phone for clients outside London, Central London (nr Warren Street), East Dulwich
Beth Follini | Life change / personal development coach

Rates: £125 a session

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Prior to becoming a life coach, I worked in the not-for-profit sector managing a range of organisations and projects for over 13 years. Positions held included: CEO of the Women’s Resource Centre, Project Director Luton Lives, Interim Grants Officer at Wakefield Trust and Volunteer Coordinator at Southwark Volunteer Centre.

During my work as CEO for the Women's Resouce Centre, I began to re-evaluate my career. So,I decided to see a coach! As a result,I set up my own fundraising consultancy working with not-for-profits.

After successfully running my own consultancy and training company for several years, I missed the one-to-one development and coaching work I used to do with staff that I managed and supported in the voluntary sector. I decided to become a coach myself and to add coaching to my portfolio of work. . I was very much drawn to the principles of Co-Active Coaching, completing my training in March 2007 and I received my accrediation in January 2009.

I provide coaching to a range of people in different situations including: people who are unhappy in their job/work but don't know what to do now, and women trying to decide whether to have children or not. I have been featured in national media including The Times and The Observor.

I lead in-house training/facilitation and I provide fundraising consultancy to voluntary/not-for-profit organisations. Clients include: Mental Health Foundation, London Civic Forum and South Thames Crossroads (for Carers).

I also run leadership workshops and workshops on polarity (interdependent opposites such as being&doing) that we struggle with within ourselves.

I'm known for bringing my eccentric spirit and energy into all the work I do!

Group Classes

Authentic Self Leadership

The orgin of our workshops comes from our reading of texts which fall under the broad category of ‘authentic leadership’ and our participation in authentic leadership workshops – notably ALIA (Authentic Leadership In Action). Authentic Leadership is a term that is used to describe leadership which sees leaders leading from values and convictions, who are transparent and are able to explore and know their fears, vulnerabilities and shadow side. Writers/workshop leaders that inspire us include: Wendy Palmer, Margaret Wheatley, Peter Senge, Parker Palmer and Peter Senge.

There are key competencies that we have identified that are essential to authentic leadership.

1. Having the ability to be at conscious choice in our behavior (i.e. creative not reactive)

2. Being able to cultivate inclusiveness and community

3. Able to listen, receive feedback and not take the information personally

4 . Ability to speak your truth from a centered and grounded place – without aggression.

5. Having a sense of ’something larger than the self’ – and being able to use this sense in creating a vision for the community, organisation or business.

Inspired by the work of the groundbreaking work of key thinkers in the world of Authentic Leadership, we have developed a leadership model which we use as the basis for our workshops.

Step One: Identify Reactive Patterns[Observe and identify fear based leadership behavour]

Step Two: Exploring the ‘gifts’ in our old ways of being [acceptance not judgement]

Step Three:Stretching into the unknown [Exploring new ways of being]

Step Four: Integrating mind, body, heart and spirit [Emboding a wholeness approach to leadership]

“Walking our own true path is finding our way toward wholeness…. and allows us to grow and learn in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.’ ~ Wendy Palmer, in ‘The Intuitive Body’

It's a: 
Quantum House, 66 Churchway
Euston, London, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Friday 23rd April - 10 - 4:30pm
Sliding Scale from £99 (individual) to £195 (corporate rate)

Educational history

Certified Co-Active Coach

January, 2010
Coaches Training Insitute
I studied with the Coaches Training Insitute, a world leader in coaching training, receiving my certification through the organisation.


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