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Also teaches in Basingstoke.(We have a fully equipped professional Martial Arts Academy that we use for group and private lessons)
Bryan Andrews | martial arts coach

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I teach Martial Arts Classes in Basingstoke from Basingstoke's only purpose designed, fully fitted and equipped Martial Arts Centre Adults and Kids really enjoying using our full range of specialist children’s Martial Arts and Fitness equipment and though this they develop better skills and enjoy their exercise more.

Our Centre also has a properly matted floor area, which is much safer for Martial Arts practitioners to train on, plus it’s also more hygienic as well. For parents and siblings waiting, there is also a comfortable waiting area with a café and children’s play area for siblings.

At our Basingstoke Martial Arts Academy, unlike some franchises and chains of martial arts schools, we don’t use someone else’s good reputation to sell our classes, nor do we use instructors who have only been training a short while, in some cases mere months nor inexperienced Black Belts. You will find that we have an excellent reputation for teaching quality Martial Arts built up over nearly 28 years of training, competing and coaching at very senior levels. What this means, is that the students who train with us benefit from this in-depth knowledge and gain a greater insight into their own practice of the Martial Arts.

All the instructors are CRB checked every year to an enhanced level, first aid trained and properly insured. All students also are fully insured in their own right. In addition you have the assurance that we are all fully qualified as Martial Arts Instructors by The Martial Arts Standards Agency, the body that promotes excellence and quality standards in the Martial Arts.

The Martial Arts Standards Agency recommends that Associations / Clubs use a system of Instructor Accreditation. This would confirm that

• All instructors are senior experienced Dan (Black Belt) grade level instructors in the art taught.
• All instructors carry Professional Insurance for £5 million.
• All instructors have an enhanced Criminal Record Board check annually.
• All instructors have a professional coaching qualification that covers health and safety, how to coach adults and children, protection of children from abuse, lesson planning and risk Management

We have a range of classes that are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Our Children's classes are split by age with classes for preschoolers, 4 – 6, 6 – 9 and 10 – 15 years plus family classes. We are the only Martial Arts club in Basingstoke to have such an age specific and appropriate curriculum and it means that the children get so much more from their practice. If your child loves dancing or movement to music, then they’ll love Combat Groove which is a performance class containing Martial Arts moves, Hip Hop Dance and Acrobatics all set to great music in choreographed routines.

Adults have the choice of beginners, mixed ability or advanced classes to choose from, learning Karate, MMA and Tai Chi as part of these classes whilst getting very fit.

For those adults more interested in general fitness classes, our MMA Fitness Workout class is a good choice to get you very very fit in a short time. We also run a Ladies only Combat Groove class, which is a great mixture of choreographed Dance moves and Martial Arts forms set to great music.

Day time adults classes are also available.

Our training area is fitted with specialist Tatami Judo / MMA floor mats covering an area 9m wide x 18m long. Pictures are available here This allows our members to train much more safely on a clean cushioned floor that is designed specifically for the purpose it is being used for, rather than having to hope for the best when using village halls and the like which are hired out to many different users. The majority of martial arts are practiced in bare feet so having a clean and safe floor is essential for safe practice. We can guarantee ours always will be, something which is not so easy when using non-specialist facilities. Having our own premises allows us to offer you more classes and guarantees that we can operate to the highest levels of health and safety.

Our Basingstoke Karate centre provides a parents and siblings indoor waiting area. The children can enjoy themselves by playing with board games, drawing, reading, using jigsaws and lots of other things to make. Plus there is TV/Xbox to watch child friendly DVDs and games. Our café serves hot and cold drinks and snacks, many parents take advantage of these facilities by staying to watch their children enjoying their training, whilst they relax, they can read a magazine or have a coffee and cake.

We’ve found that the kids in our Basingstoke Karate classes also enjoy having their parents take an active interest in their sport (and even from time to time, joining in with them.) During the warmer months, members can also make use of the outdoor patio to sit and relax, whilst their children are playing with the equipment in the garden.

All members training with us benefit from the use of a range of outstanding equipment to enhance their training and to help them to develop both their core martial arts skills and also complimentary skills to improve their general health and fitness. Our equipment includes:-

• 10 freestanding bags,
• 3 grappling bags
• lots of pads
• kick shields
• mitts, paddles and blockers
• a speedball
• multi skills fitness equipment to help with speed, agility and quickness
• the children really enjoy using their own age specific equipment including hedgehog stones, flat rung ladders, run mats, obstacle course sets, balance beams, balance boards, fit balls and lots more to develop their skills.

Having our own dedicated Martial Arts Centre in Basingstoke means that we not limited in class to using equipment that is easily transportable between venues. With the range of equipment that we are able to utilise our members can enjoy a wide range of activities and a range of equipment whilst training, all intended to enhance their skills, whilst having fun, even for the adults.


Martial Arts Experience

Bryan Andrews is the Senior Instructor at the Basingstoke Academy, he has nearly 30 years experience in the Martial Arts. He started practising in 1982 and earned his Black Belt in Karate in 1987. He has extensive experience having trained in a number of different Martial Arts including Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Judo, MMA and Tai Chi.

He has successfully run a number of Martial Arts schools and in these, coached students to 3rd Dan Instructor level. He opened his first school in 1986 and his students were very successful in regional and national championships, regularly placing in the nationals. In 1992, he started to coach at two clubs and again he and his students did well at a National and International level with students selected to represent England, one of these won a Bronze medal in the World Championships in Japan. As his own clubs success grew he was invited to run regular courses around the UK for other instructors and their clubs, this culminated in him being appointed the National Squad Coach and taking the team overseas to compete.

His life in the Martial Arts took a new route in the early 1990’s when he was asked to become the assistant to the World Shotokan Karate Technical Director from Japan. This involved a great deal of work at a much more detailed technical level and his personal training and learning reached a more advanced standard through the instructors training provided, which he is able to pass on to student and instructors alike in Basingstoke. During his time in the Martial Arts, Bryan has taught many seminars over all of the UK, in Europe, UAE and in USA and also successfully competed in many tournaments with his students.

In the last ten years, his focus has shifted to ensuring that the initial objectives of Martial Arts being for self defence have not been forgotten. He spends a significant amount of time with his Instructors and Coaches to this day to continue to refine and hone his skills. He spends a lot of time ensuring that his Martial Arts students in Basingstoke are able to defend themselves with a pragmatic and realistic approach to the Martial Arts.

Jan 1982 - Jan 2010


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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