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Italian; English for Beginners teacher

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Claudia Tomalino | Italian; English for Beginners teacher

Rates: 25 /hour

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My name is Claudia, I am Italian and I am a CELTA qualified teacher with a master degree in Italian Language and Literature. I have always loved teaching and proposing enjoyable and fun lessons, promoting learning through enthusiasm, respect and passion.
From my teaching experience, I learned the importance of developing good communication skills and adjusting my style of teaching to the different needs of my students. I believe in a friendly, caring and dedicated approach, promoting learning through passion and respect.
I like to prepare an individual language plan for each of my student: this will take into consideration learning styles and abilities, language requirements, time commitment and any personal motivations to learn Italian.
I believe in the importance of developing conversational skills and engage my students in conversations from the first lessons. My aim is to ensure they feel comfortable with spoken Italian straight from the first lesson.
I am perfectly fine with group and individual lessons.
If you have any question, please do not hesitate contact me!
I look forward to hearing from you!



If stimulated in the right way, children love to learn languages! I have experience working with children both with a basic knowledge of Italian language and without. Depending on their age, lessons involve songs, music, language games, creative activities, role-plays, videos, stories, so that learning Italian becomes an engaging and amusing activity.
Jeanne, 5 years old, Italian Language
When I started working with Jeanne, she had no previous knowledge of Italian. After 3 months of lessons, she was able to understand basic instructions and sentences, to use a basic Italian vocabulary, and she was ready to move to Italy with her parents. She currently lives there and is successfully attending an Italian school.
“Claudia is always prepared when we arrive and goes above and beyond in her lessons with our five-year-old daughter. She loves Claudia and always looks forward to her lessons with her.”

I have worked with different exam boards (Edexcel, Cambridge, AQA) for both GCSE and IGCSE, and I know well the syllabus and the type test my students will face. Depending on the different strengths and weaknesses of my students, lessons concentrate on filling grammar gaps, expanding vocabulary, perfecting reading techniques, and improving fluency and confidence in the speaking practice.
Michael, IGCSE Italian
Being his father Italian, Michael had a good understanding of Italian language but had never studied it, so he needed to fill a few grammar gaps, to familiarize with the structure of the exam and to become more confident about his speaking. During the course of one year, we prepared together the IGCSE exam, revising grammar rules, working on the key topics of the exam, practising past papers and preparing his oral presentation. Michael sat for the exam as a private candidate and passed it with top grades.
“Claudia is an excellent Italian tutor who is patient, responsible, professional and flexible. She carefully listens to the problems and diligently helps my son by going through the entire school curriculum and preparing practice questions for him. Her English is very good which is critical in teaching English-speaking beginners who are clueless about this language. She is consistently good and reliable. I sincerely recommend her to anyone who needs an Italian tutor.”
Julie, GCSE Italian
After two years of studying Italian at school, Julie was preparing her IGCSE, but was not confident enough in her speaking abilities and had a few grammar gaps to fill. We used the writing practice as an excuse to revise grammar, making sure that the student she could understand her mistakes and learn from them (that’s the only way we learn!); we revised through time verbs ending and grammar rules, so that in the end Julie was able to re-read what she had written and to correct herself . We spent some time practising possible questions and answers for the oral part of the exam, perfecting pronunciation and improving confidence. Julie did a very good exam!

My experience helping students at A Level is mainly of the International Baccalaureate exam. I know well the exam requirements and I am confident preparing students and helping them reach their best potential.
Janet, IB Italian:
I helped Janet preparing her IB Italian: her main difficulty was reading and understanding real complex texts in Italian. Her vocabulary was quite limited and her grammar wasn’t developed enough to support advanced reading skills. In our lessons, we concentrated on reading techniques (selecting crucial information, scanning and skimming through texts, detailed reading…) and on expanding vocabulary through exercises, games and little vocabulary tests now and then.

Using the experience of essay writing I gained during my university studies in England and in Italy, I help students planning, discussing, writing and correcting their work.
Tim, Essay Revision and Oxford Application:
I helped Tim improving the organization and textual coherence of his essays. We worked a lot on improving also the correctness of grammar and his vocabulary choices. For his Oxford application, we particularly concentrated on clarify opinions and point of views, finding the best way to express them and editing unclear parts of the text.

As a Check proverb says, “those who know many languages live as many lives as the languages they know”. I believe learning a new language as adults is a great and fun opportunity to get to know a different culture and to see the world from a new perspective! I have always loved teaching and proposing enjoyable and fun lessons, promoting learning through enthusiasm, respect and passion.
Whether you want to learn a new language for fun, for work or maybe to pass a specific exam, I would be glad to help!

Feb 2014 - Dec 2018

Educational history

Mphil in European and Latin American Comparative Literatures and Cultures (ELAC)

October, 2016 - July, 2017
University of Cambridge

CLTA teaching certificate for teaching italian to adults

September, 2015 - December, 2015

Master's degree in Italian Literature

September, 2008 - May, 2011

Simple B.A. degree in Italian Language and Literature (three years, first level Italian degree).

October, 2004 - May, 2008
Università degli studi di Milano


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered

Make an enquiry Phone: 07378349155

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