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Danny Ward | DW Acting Sessions - Private and Group Acting Classes in Stockholm teacher

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I was on my first set before I was old enough to understand what acting was. It was for a toy store in Denver, Colorado. I was placed on a sound stage with what seemed like a mountain of toys and told to play. How could I not fall in love with it?

I have since acted in feature films, short films, plays, improv teams, educational films, and over 35 commercials.

My pursuit to develop my own style came soon after starting as a student at Kalamazoo College, where I was exposed to performance history and theory as well as their practical applications. I absorbed all I could, both in and out of the classroom, until, finally, I moved to New York City. There, I continued my studies at a variety of professional studios and workshops, including Black Nexxus, where I studied under Susan Batson, The Sally Johnson Studio, The Studio, The Atlantic Theater Co., The New School, and more. And, after years of auditions, call backs, booked parts and constant study, I began teaching and directing.

Then, in 2009, ​I moved to Sweden to live with my fiancé. Since arriving, I have been teaching Private, Group and Workshop Sessions both in Göteborg and Stockholm.

George Burns used to say, "Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you've got it made." Acting is all about honesty. But why fake it? I've developed a style that embraces the idea of accepting the circumstances of the moment and allowing yourself to believe them. It sounds simple. But it takes work.

Please, contact me with any questions or requests.

Group Classes

Group Acting Classes for 4 - 10 people

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, Stockholm, Sweden
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Freelance Business Speech Instructor

Worked with groups or individual lawyers and businessmen on public speaking abilities and acting. Showed them exercises and techniques for overcoming stage fright, fine tuning their delivery, portraying or concealing emotion, and showing passion for what they are speaking about.

Mar 2008

Sally Johnson Studio (NYC)

Classes were based on finding yourself within any character. We would work on bringing out your true feelings as opposed to "pretending".

Acting is about truth. These courses were focused on finding your truth in any situation.

Jun 2007

Freelance Acting Coach and Director

I have helped actors working on monologues, scenes, and particular characters.

I have directed actors in various films, stage performances, and directed a one woman show (helped the actress with the writing, character development, and setting of stage show).

Aug 2004 - Jan 2009

Instructor Young Actors Workshops

Taught a number of workshops with children ranging in age from 8 - 14. We worked on speech, diction, screen and stage acting, modern and classical, and had fun.

During each workshop, I would teach the basic principles of performance, work with the students on two monologues (of their choice), direct them in two scenes (one modern, one classical), and help them realize there is nothing to fear in committing to a role. In the end, students had a great time, learned a lot, and, on the final night, gave a performance of their scenes and monologues to parents, family, and friends.

May 2001

Professional Actor

I have been working as an actor all my life. I did my first commercial when I was four years old.

In addition to the work listed below, I have done over 20 commercials.


Nobody’s Night -- Niel (lead)
Microcosm -- Assassin (lead)
The Next Morning -- Guy (lead)
Henry -- Boyfriend (lead)
In Between -- Christopher
Human Being -- The Guy
Four Eyed Monsters -- Ex-Boyfriend -- **Nominated for 2 Independent Spirit Awards 2007
*61 -- Guy (uncredited)
Boys of Summer -- Lead


Whispers of Saints -- David -- A.T.A.
As You Like It -- Orlando -- Kalamazoo College
Machinal -- Lover -- Kalamazoo College


Monkapult - Comedic Improv (performed in Michigan, Ohio, and Chicago)
Kalamazoo College Improv - Training
Improv Olympic - Training
Black Cat Improv - Training

Jun 1985

Educational history


March, 2004 - June, 2009
Sally Johnson Studio
Studied under Jen Krater and Brad Calcaterra. Studied screen and stage acting. Focused on finding truth within myself and discovering myself within different characters. Classes included: Scene Study, Character Development, Audition Process, Character Study, Cold Reading, and more. 85% of the students studying at Sally Johnson are professional working actors.


January, 2002 - July, 2004
Black Nexxus Studio (NYC)
Studied with Susan Batson, Roberta Wallach, and others. Worked on specific aspects of both stage and screen acting.

Acting and Theater

September, 2000 - December, 2001
Kalamazoo College
Prior to moving to New York, I studied for just over one year at Kalamazoo College as a theater major. I took every acting and performance class they offer, as well as studying other aspects of theater - lighting and sound design, stage design, and theater history.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered

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