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Dennis Cole | guitar tutor

Rates: £35 per hour, £18 per half hour

Make an enquiry Phone: 07976320412

The Guitar School is a professional home based tuition service that caters for all ages and abilities. Lessons are structured around your personal musical style choice, and artist interests. We can help you reach your goals quicker, by developing the basic core skills needed to help improve your Guitar Playing and build your confidence, in pursuit of your musical aspirations.

So if you're just starting out, or want to play like your guitar heroes, then take a closer look!

Guitar School instructor Dennis Cole has had over 30 years playing experience and 20 years as a professional guitar tutor both in schools and colleges and private tuition in Beds, Bucks, & Northants.

With a wide range of playing styles from Classical and Acoustic guitar through to Rock, Blues and Death Metal. He has motivated hundreds of pupils to make the progress they desired, and helped them enjoy the journey in becoming more accomplished.

If you want to learn in the style of your choice, from Acoustic, Classical, or Electric Guitar, and want to progress at a pace that suits you best, then call today!
Telephone: 07976 320 412

Student Testamonials

Shannon (15) Rock/Indie
"I feel my playing has progressed better than in my previous experience in a class of many people with varied skills. The one - one tuition is much more helpful and I enjoy the freedom of choice towards what style and specific artists and songs I want to learn to play." "I would recommend Dennis to anyone that's considering to take up guitar that also enjoys flexibility and having the opportunity to learn in a way that suits them best."

Gary (45) Acoustic
"I am proud of what I have achieved in the last 15 months, but the truth is none of it would have been possible without the professional approach and expert tuition provided by the Guitar School." "The thing that struck me straight away about Dennis was his calming influence and reassuring manner he has with a student, which for myself was vitally important. Dennis has a very good explanatory manner and I find his instruction very easy to follow."

James (13) Rock Style
"My experience of guitar lessons with the Guitar School have been an insight to the guitar world and they are fun and memorable." "Dennis's sheer experience in guitar lessons just shows how reliable his teaching technique is and is reflected by his advanced knowledge of exercises for developing skills and theory. The best part is comes to your door - I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him!"

Scott (30) Rock/Pop Style
"Lessons with the Guitar School took me from a nervous beginner guitarist through to someone who now has the confidence to play and sing live in front of hundreds of people. By combining the teaching of songs I wanted to learn, and musical theory, this provided me with a strong foundation that lead to me being accepted to the Institute of Contemporary Music in London." "Dennis also used practical examples from my guitar idol, Brian May, to demonstrate the theories that we had discussed. These tailor-made lessons were enjoyable and best of all took place in my own home at a time to suit me."

Frances (17) Acoustic/Rock
"I found the guitar easy to pick up and play when I first started, and I got to know the basic chords, finger picking and strumming which really helped to improve my technique and ability to progress and play the songs I enjoy. I like songs which vary in style, and all have different ways to play them, and use different skills." "I play three instruments; piano, flute and guitar and for me the guitar is my favourite because the lessons are fun and focused on what I like to listen to instead of a set piece of music or style. I really enjoy the variation and choice and it does not feel like a chore to practice because I'm playing my favourite songs."

John (45) Acoustic
"Lessons with The Guitar School made what appeared very difficult, seem more achievable. Using several teaching methods such as, joint playing, and video's to break down the learning. With an affable manner and a sense of humour, which often helped me to overcome my frustrations, Dennis understood what made me tick as a learner to my own experiences, and it made it more accessible, and fun." "Dennis’ passion for the guitar and for music generally is very clear to see and feel. That does inspire you to want to progress. I know that he is trying to share his passion with more people through internet technology and I think that will bea good thing for a lot of people."

Very Satisfied Student (Google)
Although I've only been having lessons with Dennis for a sort period of time compared to the other testimonials, I can only echo their sentiments. I decided that I could learn to play without lessons with what is available on the internet. Well after 6 months I got frustrated with poor progress and somewhat nervously contacted Dennis. He immediately put me at ease with his patient, un-assuming and humorous character. In a short period of time my technique has improved immensly with the advice, pointer and tweeks Dennis has made. The lessons are fun, informative and best of all sound musical instead of endless scale practice which ive seen used elsewhere. Dennis is also very flexible and the fact that lessons are done at my place make it so much more convient. My only regret is that I did not contact him earlier. I am a very happy student so dont delay, book now.

Student Testamonial (Google)
Dennis has now taught me electric guitar for two years. He manages to be patient and encourages you to push yourself further at the same time. He has taught me a wide array of rhythm and solo techniques, putting me well ahead of my friends who have been playing guitar for a similar period. His attention to the smallest details of guitar work really helps you to improve and develop your own style. He's a good teacher and up for a laugh so I would recommend him to beginners and more experienced guitarists alike.

Parent testimonial (Google)
My 12 year old daughter has been having lessons with Dennis for 18 months or so and has achieved a huge amount in that time. Apart from being an excellent teacher, he's good fun and extremely patient! She thoroughly enjoys her guitar lessons and I would recommend him to anyone.

Parent testimonial (Google)
Dennis has been teaching my son for some time now..... he has worked on grades with him and now they are working together on the 'Beatles'. Reliable, friendly, fun, great teacher. Highly recommend him.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered


Terms and Conditions

ALL lessons require 48 hour notice to cancel or re-schedule any lesson(s). Full payment for the late cancellation within that period will be required.

All pre-paid “discounted lesson(s)” are non-refundable and all lesson(s) are required to complete the course of lesson(s) in due time. If the student decides to stop or discontinue with any pre-paid lesson, they will forfeit the remainder of any outstanding lesson(s) and money paid for that course. If however, the lesson(s) can’t continue due to ill health or injury * (See Below) then the outstanding remainder of lesson(s) paid will be reimbursed.

Any payment for pre-paid ‘Lesson Vouchers’ must be booked and attended within eight (8) weeks of receipt of payment, otherwise the holding deposit will be forfeit and non-refundable! After eight weeks.

*If any lesson(s) are cancelled due to a sporting injury of any kind where the participation of the student was voluntarily entered into, then only one lesson will be allowed for rescheduling, from all discounted and “Pre-Paid” lessons. If a students injury takes longer than “one week” to reschedule and resume regular lessons, then any other missed lessons will be paid in full.

One to One Tuition
£35 per hour
£18 per half hour

Pay by standing order each week
£33 per hour
£17 per half hour

Pay £100 in Advance deposit then receive 8 one hour lessons at £18 per hour which includes One ‘FREE’ One hour lesson.

4 Lesson paid in advance (non refundable)
£120 @ £30 per hour – £20 save
£60 @ £15 per 1/2hour – £12 save

8 lessons paid in advance (non refundable)
£224 @ £28 per hour – £56 save
£120 @ £15 per 1/2 – £24 save

Payment is preferred by a standing order with 2 weeks advanced payment. Personal circumstances will be taken into consideration and lesson breaks of longer than 3 weeks will not be entertained without prior notification. Lessons are held from Monday to Friday at a time to suit yourself. Prior notification of sporting fixtures and timetables must not clash with the 48 hour notice cancellation policy.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07976320412

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