elaine knowles

Modern Greek for Beginners tutor

Based in
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Chester and South Cheshire, North and mid-Shropshire, North Wales, Stafford

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Learning is my passion, teaching my vocation - by which I mean, helping anyone who wants to learn, is a wonderful way of sharing my own pleasure in learning. Wherever you start from, even zero, you soon get a real buzz as you realise YES, you can do this!
My own next targets : 1.Get better at more advanced levels of Modern Greek and learn lots more about Greece 2. Try beekeeping? 3. Succeed in growing my own veg. instead of just thinking about it and making feeble efforts! 4. Join in volunteering on community farm woodland path project.
Currently, as a volunteer, helping people relatively new to computers, gain confidence and enjoy the interest and freedoms of exploration and self-expression through computer use.
Rather than following a fixed formal course, I prefer to focus the teaching content and method in relation to the learner's own perception of why and how they want to learn. This generally develops quite rapidly as we work together.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered


No responsibility for entering formal examinations, though if asked, I can usually give a fair indication of what level a learner is likely to achieve in relation to any specified exam he/she is thinking of taking.

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