Francesca Gordon-Smith

public speaking and communication skills trainer

Based in
Muswell Hill, London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Europe
Francesca Gordon-Smith | public speaking and communication skills trainer

Rates: £15- 2,500

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I provide training for professional women who would like to become more confident at work or when speaking in front of an audience. I'm a public speaking trainer and confidence coach.

My journey began at the age of 8 years old when i discovered acting. I performed in festivals, I took exams and i studied Performing Arts at college. After all this, i was STILL nervous about speaking in public. I became very good at concealing my nerves, but it did make performing much less of a pleasure.

It wasn't until I discovered NLP and hypnotherapy that I overcame my nerves. I'm now a much more confident and out going person.

I set up my company: in order to help other women to overcome their fear of public speaking. I've tried facing my fears- i worked at it for years- but it didn't give me the confidence i was striving for. I finally made a breakthrough by using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and spiritual meditations.

I have created a programme for my clients based on my own experiences. I combine holistic therapy with practical training in public speaking. The results are often astounding.

I provide courses for people who would be too nervous to attend traditional training sessions in public speaking.

We use NLP, Hypnotherapy, Auto Suggestion and spiritual techniques to help people become more grounded, confident and at peace with themselves.


One-to-one Coaching: 2-10 2hr sessions
Evening Workshop: 2.5 hrs (monthly)
Module 1: 2 days
Module 2: 4 days
Module 3: 7 days

For some, the evening workshop is the beginning of their journey and for others it enables them to continue their journey after taking one of our longer courses. It is equally beneficial for all who attend.

For further information about workshops or one-to-one coaching, please contact Francesca.

Call directly on: 07903 954 550
email: [email protected]

Group Classes

Public Speaking & Confidence Boosting Workshop For WOMEN!

Public speaking is one of the world’s number one fears. We understand how difficult it is for some people to even attend training workshops in order to overcome their fears. That's why we use alternative therapies alongside practical training in public speaking.

This group is open to up to 40 participants, so you will have the opportunity to settle into a group environment, and over the coming months you will feel more and more comfortable until standing up and speaking seems a natural thing to do! We will change your fear into excitement. After all, all you're doing is having a conversation with a group of people- yes, that's all a speech is.

Seize this opportunity to outshine your peers and become the best. Please do attend if you want to improve your confidence, but please be aware that you will also improve your public speaking skills! If you are looking to improve your public speaking skills, but feel confident enough already; you’re going to feel even more confident by the end of the year because this programme has a dual purpose. It is designed to make you the confident, eloquent speaker that you didn’t realise you already are!

During our workshops, we use various tools to help you stand up and shine as speakers; including Neuro Linguistic programming, Hypnotherapy and Auto Suggestion. Neuro Linguistic Programming is used by the world's best public speaking trainers. It is a highly innovative practice, which often has instantaneous effects.

Public speaking is about knowing what you want to say and delivering your speech effectively, so that others go away feeling inspired and uplifted. We can help you to become the best orators you can be. This is an excellent opportunity to meet likeminded people who will be able to help you achieve your lifelong goals of becoming effective communicators. The course is suitable for anyone who is insecure about the way they speak or what they say when put on the spot. It is for anyone who is interested in overcoming their fears and becoming more confident.

Francesca teaches:
public speaking

Hypnotherapy Practitioner
NLP Practitioner
LAMDA Gold Medal in Acting

It's a: 
Columbia Hotel
95-99 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NS, London, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Tuesday 2nd February 2010 7pm-9.30pm


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Introductory evening Workshop: £15

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