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Gajanand Rajput | martial arts trainer

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A star is shining brightly in the world of Martial Arts whose name is Dr. Gajanand Rajput. KungFu is the rhythm of his breath by which he is trying to materialize his dream of becoming the International champion of martial arts. It was the day of November 28th 1978 when he was born and glorified the name of his home town Sabarmati, Ahmedabad. He was brought up under the care and guidance of his parents Shri Bhagwat Mulchand Rajput and Srimati Jankidevi. He completed his doctorate degree in Philosophy of Asian Martial Arts. He gained proficiency in various arts such as Tae Kwon Do ( Korean Art ), Wushu and northern shaolin ( chinese art ) Karate ( japanese art ), Lan Shou Pei ( Shaolin art ). His Master’s name is Shree Lucky N. Chan Thakuri.

He strained every nerve to be at the top and finally the first award which came in his Victory bag was the medal of School board Martial Arts Competition. At the onset of the year 1995 he became the premier Taolu and Sanshou contestant and added feather in the cap of the nation. The period from 1999 to 2007 was the most fortunate time which placed him at the noticeable height of success. He became the unconquered and the triumphant man of this art. Even after achieving many accolades he walked with long strides and leaped high to be at the surmountable height of name and fame.

During the year 1999 Gajanand Rajput pulled up his socks and kicked his heels to propagate the Martial Arts academic sphere. He organized many district level, state level and national level seminars and competitions. He got an opportunity and hence visited China in the year 2006. He was fortunate enough to receive an official Shaolin Monk name of Shi Heng Chang. His name and fame shone on the pages of various newspapers and journals and thus he became the star of martial arts within no time. Sometimes the intelligence and talents of a creative-minded person do not give him as much reward as he deserves. But when the winds of praise come from other quarters of the glob then the deserving person gets the reward of his talents and so is the case of Gajanand. When he was admired by the words of praise in various regions then his name twinkled as a star on the sky of fame. He is one of them who dedicated himself for the propagation of this excellent skill of Martial Arts and worked hard to achieve the success and height.

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Educational history

35th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Disciple

January, 1992 - November, 2009
Shaolin Temple, Henan, China
Rajput (28) is a 35th generation Shaolin Temple warrior disciple, the only Indian at that. He was trained at the Shaolin temple in Henan, China and even bore a Chinese name, Shi Heng Chang, meaning ‘long time relative’, bestowed on him by his Master. The first generation of warrior monks began practising Wushu in the 11th century. The cult was outlawed as Shaolin Kung-Fu gained notoriety after the monks started a revolution in China with their unbelievable fighting skills.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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