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Also teaches in Asia, Europe, latin america., USA

Rates: 20 dollars an hour

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Musician percussionist specializing in Afro-Caribbean music, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian and African sources.


Instruments played: conga, bongo, timbales, bata, berimbau, timba, repinique, pandeiro, tamborim, reco-reco, chékéré, agogo, gan,Peruvian cajon Cuban cajon,quijada, surdo.drums


French-american, born on 01 September 1961 at Versailles.

Researcher: work in progress on Yoruba, Fon, Congo percussion and their transpositions in Latin America and their interchanges with the Western of the last century.

Experience and Training

1975: Conservatory 4th sector of Paris with Francoise Gagneux, specialization comtemporary drums and percussion.

1976: School Circus Gruss in the mime department .

1978: Graduated from the b.a.f.a, training with the F.C.V.F. And C.P.C.V. On the visual arts. (Resp. R.robert .)this diploma is a state diploma that enables you to work in any part of France and social structures and companys.
with children from 4 on to 17 years of age.

1979: Congolese percussion with ZEBILA Lucky at the American Center in Paris (the crossroads of cultures from Africa).

1980: Traditional Percussion from Haiti and Cuba with John AMIRA at Naropa Center in Boulder Colorado USA.

1982-84:Afro-caribean percussion for Allan sylva and his C.C.O (Celestrial Comunications Orchestra) taught thereafter in his I.A.C.P institute in Paris.

1984: Brazilian Percussion with Bira Almeida "Mestre accordion" world-renowned master and instigator of the Capoeira in the U.S.A. and musical director and composer of the famous group of San francisco corpo santo.

1985:assisting cuban percussion with Jerry GONZALES (Assistant in Paris at the center of dance rue de Clichy on his afro-cuban percussion workshop))

1988-89: Afro-cuban workshop in matanzas with LOS MUñEQUITOS of MATANZAS in Cuba. Diploma 3rd degree at the CONJUNTO FOLKLORICO Nacional de Cuba, Havana.deleguation from Paris St.Denis UN.

1988-90: Cuban Percussion with Roger FIXI, learning drums and the yoruba and Congo cycles...

Experience in Teaching

1995-98: C.I.A.M. (Center for Investigation and Activities Musicales-Bordeaux) Percussion Professor of and Afro-cubaines Afro-brésiliennes, instigator of the program of Latin percussion and its Instrumentarium.

1997-2001 C.F.A.T. (Training Center for the Arts Traditionnelles-Bordeaux) Percussion Professor of and Afro-cuban Afro-brazillian percussion classes and Director of the polyrhythmic workshop in the school.

2001-2004 Conservatorio Josafat Roel pineda Lima, Peru, percussion residency on the origins of west african repertoire in Latin America and in the Caribbean, and their influences in the music of this century in modern music.

2002-2005: E.N.M.D.T. (National Conservatory of Dance and Music GABRIEL FAURE - Angoulême) Professor teacher on Afro Caribbean percussion and Latin music in orchestras (see program this year): many music projects with the Musique Metisse MUSIC Festival

In the following groups:

- The first part at the olympia with Paul Mindi

- Jazz festival in Orléans with the C.C.O of Allan Sylva

- Developing a Bloco-Afro and samba ensemble for the Mardi Gras carnival in San Francisco invited by Bira Almeida, musician, writer, researcher and founder of W.C.A. (World Capoeira Association).
From that experience, he created the first "batteria" samba in Santa -Fé, Nuevo Mexico, U.S.A. (Banda girasol.) Director de "bateria" in several samba schools in France: "AXE" in Paris, "Sarava" in Tours, "Macunaima" in Bordeaux, and then formed the group "Timbalada Urbana" an ethnic-métisse ensemble.

- Musician percussionist with TUPI-NAGO Samba- Reggae Band. The group took its musical sources in the region of Salvador de Bahia, the bastion of Afro-Brazilian culture. The group was sponsored by Etienne Roda-Gil and Rémy Kolpa-Kopoul journalist with "Liberation" expert on Brazilian music. European Tour and the first part of Brazilian artists such as Joao Bosco, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil.Puis discographic production group under the label Melody Music and caramba productions.

- Musician for ILU-YENKORI percussionist of the group, bata drums and songs dedicated to Afro-Cuban and Yoruba pantheon, as well as countries belonging to ex-royaumes of Dahomey, (Togo, Ghana, Benin.) . This group of dancers, singers and percussionists were among the first in France to promote the cultures of this panthéon.grace the hard work of fixi roger.

music instructor and trainer in the Rhythm and Family , in the Reiki mouvement and activities in Europe (Ibiza, Cologne) and Canada (Vancouver). It brings out the problematic aspect of group dynamics in the training of future teachers in the art of Reiki of Phyllis lei Furumoto.

In 2000, the Lanaya group includes Gilles Premel in bordeaux. With a Mandingo, repertoire this group included the soloist Ousseman Souma on jdembe and dance from the prestigious National Ballet JOLIBA. Gilles is part of this group, bringing the Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian musical direction from which Lanaya evolved towards a Metisse music. another was marked by the integration of artists from different cultures such as, Fato Camara, Mathias Agbokou, Jose Hernandez, patrice banchereau: akpon.

festival MAQUI'ZART les afroslatines.2009-2010

recent projects and festivals has brought me to play with such recent artist such as MOHAMED BANGOURA guinee, MARCIA MARIA paris-brasil and EMILE BIAYENDA france-congo-brazzaville

will be teaching a percussion workshop in bristol this coming April 2010

Languages: French

English (2nd language)


Discography: "Desert Mirage," CCO Alan Silva (Phonogramme)

"Dream off the Ground" Future sound set (Future sound together)

"Small with big ears," Bill Baxter (Polydor)

"Tupi nago" Tupi nago (Melody Music)

"lenny laffargue" blues-mojo

"raoult ficel" blues-mojo

percussion student programming for this years festival "les afrolatines"


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


be on time ...because the faster you play .. then longer it is .. to play ...and vice a versa... lolololol

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