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Integrated Ascension and Soul Psychology teacher

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Leigh-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Essex, Leigh on Sea
Hanna Ehlers | Integrated Ascension and Soul Psychology teacher

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Hanna Ehlers is the founder of Lightworkersunite.co.uk - a spiritual information website.☼

Hanna is a Psychotherapist and Spiritual / Metaphysical teacher, working as an ascension coach. She has dedicated her life to ascension and personal enlightenment and has been training in many spiritual disciplines, methods and therapies for a number of years. Hanna is has a background in healing, teaching and counselling. Her approaches, thoughts and beliefs have been learned via teachings from around the globe with many incarnate guides and from her personal journey with oneness and the family of light outside of 3D. Hanna is a qualified healer trained by the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. Furthermore she has had the opportunity to undergo training to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner in Hawaii, certified by Doreen Virtue PhD, in addition, Hanna has under gone Sound Healing Training with Tom Kenyon in Seattle under the auspices of Psycho-acoustic Brain Research and continues to use sound therapy in her work.

Hanna is above all else an intuitive psychologist. Not hiding from her psychic nature, she is open about the more abstract and less tangible factors of life, beginning in the field of trance mediumship, her work quickly took shape into new outlets and methods. The further she ventured into the unknown intuitive spheres the more her understanding of spirituality, metaphysics, quantum physics and ascension grew. Science suddenly and surprising became at the forefront of her work and she found it evident that her sessions were simply a method of telepathic communication, which could be seen as a mirroring of reality for each party on some level or a journey into connecting with Higher Self. In her role as a practitioner, she seeks to help identify blocks and obstacles that the human personality is dealing with and therefore assist with aligning the wisdom and guidance of the higher-self from the soul personality (or infinite oneness). Information which is sometimes deeply felt or known yet blocked within an individual is brought to awareness or consciousness so that it can be utilized in moving forward. This information usually brings on powerful emotional and mental responses and can be of great comfort to the individual as the heart admits and releases, assisting with the life path / soul contract.

Hanna’s gift is to help people facilitate their own healing and intergrate and balance themselves, preparing them for ascension and the global changes.that are occurring. There are many tools that can be encompassed to perform this service such as psychotherapy and counselling work, sound therapy, energy healing, dream analysis, crystal healing, and deep meditation can all be used and a combination may be suggested depending on the individual client. All therapies work on re-balancing and healing the client’s life, in both private sessions and in her teaching practice. In addition to one to one sessions Hanna organises many workshops and courses on an array of spiritual subjects, with a focus on ascension, self development and healing on all levels of the subtle body and energy field. The passion behind all her work is to help other lightworkers to feel empowered and to take the skills she teaches to develop personally on the road to enlightenment and work for themselves, whether in a spiritual vocation or other positive role. Events combine an interactive spirit led approach to learning and gaining deeper clarity about ones life.

Hanna has completed a Masters in Psychotherapy and Healing with The Society for Psychology and Healing and has had experience as a school counsellor and mental health counsellor at Mind. She compliments her work with continual professional training, continually looking to learn and expand in awareness.

Group Classes

Intensive Sound Healing Training Course

Intensive Sound Healing Training Weekend Course - Saturday 27th November £35 deposit required on booking)

This training allows you to gain the skills to become what we call "a sound healer". In my opinion, like with any type of healing, you are already hold the ability to heal yourself and others you are just learning to remember this and tapping into your dormant skills.

This course is facilitated by Hanna Ehlers, a sound healer and channel. Her training was provided by Tom Kenyon, renowned Sound Healer and founder of Psycho-acoustic Brain Research during an intensive course in Seattle. Hanna's passion to re-awaken her own ability to heal with sound occured after a memory of her home planet, far beyond the Gaia project and her Earth lives. She recalled how as etheric beings sound was used to sing to the auric feild and realign any imbalances within the energetic frequency which was the essence of that being. Hanna has also had a huge passion for singing and sound making since her childhood and feels completely blessed to have now found what appears to be the main reason for her gift of voice. As well as running regular sound healing sessions in her private practice, Hanna acts as divine channel for intergalctic beings and familt of light, offering their healing energy during regular performances.

In the course Hanna combines her training gained from Tom Kenyon and her own understanding about sound as a healing tool, which combines her training as a psychotherapist.

To perform sound healing, you need not be a good singer, this is a misconseption. It is the intention, emotion and feeling that allows the sound to penertrate and heal another successfully. The course will teach you a theoretical understanding about how sound is able to effect the physical body, with information about the brain and how our psychology plays a major part. Additionally you will learn skills to perform sound healing for clients, friends, family and yourself. This course in particular focuses on sound healing with the voice, although you will learn a little about how other instruments effect the healing.

Here is an example of some of the activities on the course:

Understanding sound and the brain and how it works

Understanding sound for ascension and the metaphysical connection

Using sound to clear and balance the self

Using sound with visualisation

Learning to perform sound for emotional and mental healing

Learning to perform sound for physical healing

Leanring overtoning

The power of chanting

Leanring skills as a sound healer

Sound performances and meditations

This course is a powerful journey and if this is something you are drawn to it is likely your energy is required at the event. If you wish to find out more or book please contact Hanna: 07703022129 or email [email protected]

It's a: 
The Quaker Friends Meeting House
18, Dundonald Dr, ss9 1nb, leigh on sea, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
27th November 2010 - 10am until 6pm
£85 (£30 deposit)

Angel Mentor Training Course

A New One day Course for 2010! The Angel Mentor Training is suitable for people who desire skills and education about how to offer angel wisdom and guidance as part of a business or career path and assisting others with healing and so on or alternatively it can be used to enrich ones own healing purposes.

This day's course is intensive with lots of opportunity to practice and provides you with an understanding about how to become an Angel Mentor to guide others! The course ends with an Angel Mentor certificate and the individual is then able to be listed on the LightworkersUnite website as an Angel Mentor, should you so wish. You will receive a combination of both learning deeply about angels yourself and demonstrations on how to teach and guide others with this information.

The course is facilitated by Hanna Ehlers ATP MNFSH, who is an Angel Therapist, trained and certified by Doreen Virtue on the island of Kona, Hawaii. Hanna uses both the skills learned via her Angel Therapist training and her own understanding and work with angels to bring forward a high frequency approach to angel work. Angels are not all fluffy and sweet, they are massively powerfully evolved beings of light, who are currently assisting us greatly with the earth changes and Archangel Raziel and Micheal are assisting me with bringing though their most crucial and timely messages, which suggests we must not pigeon-hole their presence and ability to assist, but that we can bring in more room for people now to ask for their help!

The following exercises and activities will be part of the course, along with more additions as needed at the time:

Information about angels and archangles, how they work with us, how they assist us, who are the archangels, how to we communicate, understanding their energies and abilities etc

Angel Healing including cord cutting, vaccuming, chakra work, visualisation work etc

Angel guidance, including angel card readings and other readings

Angel Sound Healing Channeled meditation.

Work will be done in a small group and in pairs. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day a packed lunch will be needed for the lunch break.

Course fees: £75 (non-refundable deposit of £25 required on booking)

Should you wish for more information or to book on the course, please contact Hanna on: 07703022120 or email [email protected]

It's a: 
The Angel Therapy Room
Westcliff on Sea, Essex, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Saturday 20th February 10 - 6pm
£75 full day course (£25 deposit)

Intensive Psychic and Healing Course Weekend

Psychic and Healing Intensive Weekend Course 10 - 4.30pm Sat & Sun - Fees £120 (£40 deposit required)
(For those who have already taken this course and have already qualified as "Psychic and Healing Practitioners" via LightworkersUnite, there is a 50% discount to attend and re-train on the course. Please note this only applies to a re-training on the same course!)

This course is open to both beginners and healers / psychics alike, it is an intensive journey taught from a high frequency perspective and encompasses a spiritual and logical look at the world and our developing abilities as the new earth global population! This course assists lightworkers with reaching higher!

This course is now run over an entire weekend in a small group. From 10am until 4.30pm each day. At the end of the weekend workshop you will receive a certificate which recognizes you as a "Psychic Healing Practitioner" and you will be given the opportunity to have your practitioner listing on the www.lightworkersunite.co.uk website and will be able to join the community of other Psychic and Healing Practitioners on the forum!

You will explore the world of spirituality and learn to understand what we mean by the word psychic. Delving into the parts of us we can't necessarily see, you will learn about your connection to the universe and how divine energy can enrich and heal your life. Whether you just want to learn more about the spiritual world, practice with a view to setting up your own business or enrich what you already practice, this course caters for both aspects providing you with an array of tools.

Many topics will be discussed such as, past lives, energy management, auras, chakras and how illness forms, angels, guides, higher self, the ego, soul contracts, what or who is God or the divine, ET's, brainwaves and more.

Exercises include:
Understanding the chakra body mirror system
Aura reading
White light healing
Chakra psychic healing
Psychic surgery
Remote viewing via cord cutting, "vaccuming", understanding distant healing
Mediumship reading
Card reading
Past life meditation
Visualisation meditations
and more depending on group energies / my guidance

The course will involve guided meditations and exercises in pairs and as a group, incorporating giving readings, healings and working on personal development.There are opportunities to continue working on the skills you have learned after the weekend workshop, with students that have already completed the course.

Some snacks and refreshments will be provided for a short lunch break but please bring a packed lunch

Fees are £120 (deposit required on booking)
Call Hanna for more information or to book your place: 07703022129

It's a: 
The Angel Therapy Room
Westcliff on Sea, Essex, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
4th and 5th December, 10 - 4.30 both days
£120 full course (£40 deposit)

Educational history

Sound Healer

January, 2010
Tom Kenyon and Psycho-acoustic Brain research
Trained on intensive course in Seattle with Tom Kenyon

Spiritual Energy Healing

January, 2010
Member National Federation of Spiritual Healers
Trained for two years with the above organisation, (now The Healing Trust). I am a member of this organisation.

Angel Therapist

January, 2010
Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy
Trained intensively with Doreen Virtue on her course in Hawaii Kona.

Chakra Technician and Healer

January, 2010
Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing
Trained on intensive course with Martin Brofman and the mirror body system.


Aimed at: Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered


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