Ian Bates

Traditional Aikido sensei

Based in
Larne, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Larne Rugby Club and other locations with agreement.

Rates: Memberships start at £30.00 per Month for basic lessons

Make an enquiry Phone: 07980591221

I have been studying martial arts for around 35 years starting off with karate, I then moved onto Aikido after it was introduced to our Dojo around 1976 in Kent by our Sensei.
I now hold the grade of Nidan (2nd Dan) in the listed and practised martial arts.
Junior and beginners classes are held for under 16's first and are followed by our Seniors and Adult classes.

I hold a beginners class on a regular by-monthly basis for both groups of students.No kit is required until a membership form and monthly Direct Debit form have been agreed and completed.

If you wish to contact me, You may do so via the links below

or by Mobile 07980591221 or just turn up at the Dojo

Larne Rugby Club, 41 Main Road, Glynn,County Antrim BT40 3HF
Ian Sensei.

Group Classes

Beginners Introductory Course

A basic introduction to Aikido for all those that wish to improve balance co-ordination and grow an awareness of your surroundings.
I can also help you get a little fitter and gain your self confidence as your knowledge grows.

It's a: 
Larne Rugby Club
41 Main Street, Glynn, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Friday 12th April 18.30 for 1 hour Then for the next 4 friday evenings at the same times

Friday is Aikido night.

Our Aikido is of the traditional flowing type and covers all the main fundamental moves as used by many senior Japanese Sensei, These have been passed down through the years and in some cases improved on to make our practice faster and more flowing.

Our practice also includes Bokken and Jo for our senior students ( Adults).

Aikido is of particular importance for older students that wish for a more graceful martial art.
I feel that it is also benefecial to girls and women, As size and body weight are not an important factor within Aikido.


It's a: 
Our Dojo at Larne Rugby Club........Glynn
41 Main Road, County Antrim, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Every Friday evening at 19.00 for beginners and Juniors 20.00 for Adults and our Senior grades.
Basic monthly fee of £30.00 after 4 lesson induction course.


CRB, and NVQ

Apart from my awarded Dan grades, I also hold the two items above.
I have been teaching Juniors for some 30 years if you include my time as a Boys Brigade Officer.

I am at present teaching a group of Juniors from 8 to 13 years of age and the regular classes cover the four main Martial Arts disciplines as listed elsewhere on my site.

Apr 2001 - Nov 2015

Sensei for all our disciplines

During our summer months we will be training outside of the Dojo on our grassy area, I will also include some weapons within our normal class times as listed on this site.

I also hold outside events for demonstration of our arts during the summer months, Most of these are in the form of local fun days or something similar. There is one that is held at our Dojo location during the month of August, This date will be confirmed nearer the time.
We also like to add our up to date photos to our Blog Site at http://senseiianbates.wordpress.com

Apr 1973 - Nov 2014


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Any student can upgrade to a higher membership level with one month's notice to me.

All grades are invited to pay by Direct Debit,
Forms for this are available from Sensei.
All equipment is also only available from Sensei unless otherwise agreed.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07980591221

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