James Lim

guitar tutor

Based in
Camden, Greater London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in At my flat, Fulham and Hammersmith. but always willing to discuss., London Zone 1 - 2, mainly in Camden
James Lim | guitar tutor

Rates: 20 - 1 Hour

Make an enquiry Phone: 07833627946

I have loved and played the Guitar for over 10 years and have tutored absolute Beginners and Intermediate Guitarists from 5- 18 years and enjoy teaching and tutoring beginners through creative easy to learn methods by songs they know and recognize as well as communicating and expanding their music horizons to other genres via riffs and licks that are fun and interesting.

No Guitar? No Worries! you are more than welcome to learn on one of my guitars! your first lessons will give a great idea about what you wish to learn and help visualize your learning process. Ever wanted to pick up the guitar and just play something people recognize? in a few short lessons that is entirely possible!

Music can be categorized into many forms of interest and taking up an instrument such as a Guitar and learning with a plan is a serious step into not only emulating anybody from Angus Young to Kirk Hammett but as a route into expressing yourself individually or with the help of friends collectively.

If you are looking to get into guitar axe wielding as a complete newbie I would love to teach you the wonders of the guitar and why its the coolest instrument on the planet....

I can tutor one to one at a rate of £20/hour during weekday evenings between 6.30 - 9pm or at the weekends at my flat in Camden or travel to your location.

Thanks for reading and if you wish to get in contact give me a ring on 07833627946 or email me at [email protected]

I work within the Sports industry by trade but always have time to teach and tutor!

James Lim

One-to-one lessons


Guitar Tutor

Working for Clives Music Schools based in Bristol and Bath for the past year has given me great experience and opportunity to hone my guitar teaching skills to my students ranging from 5 - 18 years old.

Each week we compile a list of achievements and chart progress for our students through course books from beginner techniques such as chord progressions and arpeggios to more advanced techniques such as sweep picking and tapping.

the point of the lessons other than to help progress each student and get them more confident in their abilities but also the ability to communicate and collaborate with other students sparking a chance of forming a band in the future or simply learning how to keep rhythm with drummers etc.

through fun methods and easy going lessons, I dare say our students matured faster as guitarists than in other environments.

Jul 2009


Aimed at: Beginner and Intermediate.


Must be keen to learn!

Make an enquiry Phone: 07833627946

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