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Also teaches in 24 St Marys Works, Duke Street, Norfolk, Norwich
jason warren | ju jitsu teacher

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Our style of Ju-Jitsu has been developed over the last 50 years from traditional Ju Jitsu, by recognised world class martial art practitioners. The resulting techniques are tried and tested and geared towards the street situations in the towns and cities of today’s sometimes violent world.

Our Norfolk Ju Jitsu club instructors have over 25 years experience of teaching Ju Jitsu and have also been involved in other martial arts such as Karate and Brazilian Ju Jitsu and running self defence courses. We teach in a friendly relaxed atmosphere and are officially accredited coaches with the British Ju Jitsu Association and Police cleared. Our Jikishin association has thousands of students worldwide.

In the first lesson ( which is free ! ) a novice will very quickly learn both useful techniques and confidence in their ability to defend themselves . As they progress they will continue to learn how to be mentally and physically prepared to to react during an attack.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


EVERY TUESDAY - Reiyukai Martial Arts Centre 6:30pm to 8:00pm

What ages do you teach ?
We teach anyone, male or female, from 14 years and older.

What do I need to wear?
If you have a Gi then please dont hesitate to use it. (A Gi is the traditional suit for martial arts). If you do not have one then jogging pants and a T-shirt will suffice, if not the club can provide competitively priced gi's.

What is the format of a typical class?
The lessons are conducted in a friendly atmosphere and will begin with a few simple warm up exercises. Then we practice break falls, it is important to learn to fall correctly so you do not injure yourself in training.
The class then progresses to the teaching of specific self defence situations. Following this you will then usually work at the appropriate grading syllabus with a partner of your current grade.

Do women train ?
Yes. The majority of techniques used in Ju Jitsu for self defence rely on technique and not physical strength.

I have never practised a martial art before, can I come along?
Yes! Beginners are always welcome at any time, and will be taught at a pace suitable to the individual

I have been training for years in other styles, can I come along?
Yes! The club always welcomes students from other styles. If you want to progress through our grading system you will probably have to start at the first grade and continue like the other beginners. Even if your Ju Jitsu is quite similar to ours, you may have to start again. Ask the instructor about this.

Is the training dangerous?
Every step is taken to minimise the risk of injury during training. If you follow the instructor's advice properly there should be very little risk. Please inform the instructor at the start of a class of any injury which you already have. Accidents are extremely rare, and the club is insured for injury to participants.

How does the insurance cover work?
Your first lesson does not require you to commit to joining our association. However if you enjoy the class and wish to continue you must join the British Jujitsu Association. The BJJA provides full insurance for training sessions where a BJJA coach is present.

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