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Before you understand what a sales funnel – also called a “customer acquisition funnel” – is, you need to understand direct marketing.

The defining feature of direct marketing is that it revolves around a specific, desired action – usually, a purchase made by the consumer.

This is a very important distinction. In traditional marketing, companies like Volkswagen spend $5 million to run one Super Bowl ad – but the ads never explicitly tell consumers to buy anything.

That’s because traditional marketing doesn’t try to make viewers take a specific action like direct marketing does.

Sure: after running that $5-million ad, corporate executives sit in their top-floor board rooms, trying to figure out whether the promotion helped sell more cars or not…

But there’s no way to know for sure – at least not in the short run.

This is why small and mid-sized businesses avoid traditional marketing. It just doesn’t make sense to pour money into something that’s unpredictable and difficult to quantify.

Instead, all but the largest businesses tend to go for direct marketing where the goal is always clear. Typically, the goal is to make a sale or get a new prospect on your list. This is done by reaching out to people directly and seeing if they want what you’ve got.

In the past, this was done via selling door-to-door; direct-mail sales letters; cold calling.

Today, these methods may seem a little cheesy to sophisticated users…

But the fact is that U.S. direct marketers make 2 trillion dollars in sales each year – well over 10% of the United States’ GDP. Odds are, you’ve made numerous purchases via direct marketing yourself.


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