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Leicester, United Kingdom
Joanne Davies | Reiki Master teacher

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In 2009 I was introduced to Reiki, when a very lovely lady offered to give me healing. At this time I was spiritually exhausted, causing physical exhaustion. I recall the ultimate peace I felt and I just knew that Reiki was my calling. This experience inspired me to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

I consider Reiki to be beneficial in all areas of a person's life. Reiki enables you to maintain your own health on an emotional, spiritual and mental level, consequently maintaining the physical self.

We are all a work in progress. Even though I have achieved my Master level I continue to nurture myself on a daily basis, by practicing Reiki and the Reiki precepts.

The beauty of Reiki is there are no limits to how you can cultivate yourself. Think of yourself as a garden: how do you care for your garden? By providing it with all it needs to grow. With Reiki you are in direct contact with your source to grow, this being universal energy. This is in abundance, all around you. Being attuned to Reiki Level One enables you to access universal energy to heal yourself. Combining Reiki healing and the practice of the Reiki Precepts will help you understand past behavior, giving you the tools to unravel the reasons and heal the cause.
Daily practice will lead you to feel peace of mind and spirit, thus improving your physical, mental and emotional health.

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Make an enquiry Phone: 07957165110

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