John Albury

Nunchaku and combat Nunchaku lessons instructor

Based in
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Kinston Upon Thames, London, Surrey, With in the M25 Greater London
John Albury | Nunchaku and combat Nunchaku lessons instructor

Rates: £6 Per lesson at the venue On Sunday every other week.

Make an enquiry Phone: 0208 337 6181

Nunchaku classes are held every 2 weeks on Sunday evenings, the class is between 6.30 pm-8.00 pm if you want to try out Nunchaku or need further information please phone us.
NEO needs new students in the new year so come and check us out, we have quite a bit of space to fill in the hall.
So anyone with a keen interest or beginners with or without Martial Arts experience should give it a try, we are looking for dedicated, imaginative and inspired individuals to help expand and maintain the club and make the most of this opportunity of engaging in training. Having someone to train with is a must for blocks strikes and locks, correct body posture or weapons position. It definitely helps to have someone to spar and combat train with. Having the variation in opponents keeps you on your toes and can help avoid complacency. We also need to have students that are interested in in the combative form or Nunchaku-do, which is another challenge to achieve a high standard in and can give one a real insight into Nunchaku usage.
So don't get stuck in a routine of training in your living room or bedroom, It will only cramp your style! Socialize while you exercise.

NEO has been established to teach a free style form of Nunchaku in an exercise format.
We are looking to teach a wide spectrum of techniques in a holistic way building up groups of integrated techniques to keep the learning process direct and fulfilling. We ultimately want to create within our students a balanced and powerful yet detached and easy execution of techniques in a natural way. We have a complete syllabus that we wish to teach along with some varied and novel teaching methods to aid the learning process.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Please contact me regarding private tuition, group bookings and corporate events fees. I would be happy to work with you on your request for Nunchaku training.
I am happy to teach within secondary schools so if you wish to add sport Nunchaku to your list of out sourced sports activities that you can offer, please get in contact. It's a very active and exciting sport akin to table tennis, badminton and fencing.

Make an enquiry Phone: 0208 337 6181

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