Kathleen Bondurant

Flute teacher

Based in
Austin, Texas, United States
Also teaches in my studio in Austin, Online College classes for Lake Tahoe Community College and West Los Angeles College, TX, Video Instruction
Kathleen Bondurant | Flute teacher

Rates: Online individual lessons 30 mins. for $30; in studio lessons 30 mins. for $30; online college classes vary

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Dr. Kathleen Bondurant - Professional Music Instructor
Professional Music Instructor"A very fine teacher and performer..."Julius Baker, Principal Flute, New York Philharmonic
"One of the best teachers in the country!"Jim Walker, Principal Flute, Los Angeles Philharmonic
"Excellent college preparatory piano instruction!"Ray Santisi, Professor of Piano, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
"Not your average neighborhood teacher...She's great!"Sir James Galway, Soloist and Principle Flute, Berlin Philharmonic

Dr. Kathleen Bondurant received her Bachelor of Science degree in political science and flute, graduating from the Ball State University honors college at age 20. She earned her masters degree and Ph.D in flute from New York University where she was the youngest woman to receive a Ph.D from the School of Arts and Sciences. A university professor for 12 years, she has been a faculty member of the University of New Haven where she taught flute, piano and economics in addition to teaching flute, music history and music theory at Southern Connecticut State University and South Central Community College. Dr. Bondurant was also foreign faculty at the College of the Bahamas in Nassau, New Providence, where she taught concert band, flute, clarinet, guitar, Music History, vocal techinques and World Music.

Dr. Bondurant studied piano with renowned jazz pianist, Ray Santisi, at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and with international performer and accompanist, Phillip Moll. Also a student of world-famous flutists James Galway, Julius Baker and Jean-Pierre Rampal, Dr. Bondurant has been teaching music since 1974, in addition to performing professionally throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Her students have won young artist competitions, concerto and talent competitions (including Miss Connecticut), and scholarships to Eastman School of Music, Peabody Conservatory, Oberlin Conservatory and Berklee College of Music in Boston. She has the honor of being known as one of the best flute teachers in the country (James walker, Principal flutist, Los Angeles Philharmonic; Julius Baker, Principal flutist, New York Philharmonic; and Dr. Philip Swanson, Dean, College of Music, Northern Arizona State University).

Formerly music instructor for the Austin School of Music, Dr. Bondurant teaches and performs regularly in the Austin area with The Classic Touch Trio. Currently, Dr. Bondurant is online faculty at West Los Angeles College and Lake Tahoe Community College.

From 1989-1995, she was the music director for the department of parks and recreation in the town of Wallingford, CT; developing a national award-winning community music program for students age 5-90. This program included classes in piano, guitar, voice, woodwinds, brass, music appreciation, creative arts for children, youth orchestra, community band, and being a conductor of a 21-piece swing band.

Working closely with the Connecticut Assoc. For Gifted Children, she has given lectures and a series of television programs on “nurturing creativity”.

Dr. Bondurant is the creator of DinoKids (TM). DinoKids is a multi-cultural and educational cartoon vehicle. The characters are a fun mixture of fact and fantasy who have families, pets, play sports, sing songs, have hobbies, and take music lessons. They face real life situations. DinoKids is designed to provide children with positive role models and solutions for everyday problems.

With over 75 copyrighted songs in the blues, pop, country, rock, Christmas and children’s’ genres, she was awarded first prize in the Austin Songwriter’s Competition for “The Happy Song”, and first in the Songwriter’s Monthly future charters contest for “Come To Me.” “I’m A Winner!” was chosen to be featured at the 1995 World Special Olympics, and “My Heart Had Fought The Battle” received honorable mention in the Nashville Country Music City News contest. “Up All Night!” has won the Austin Songwriter’s Group “Take-Five” contest. She received a commendation from President Clinton for “A Fight For Love,” a song about homeless children, and her song “A Donkey Named Banjo” was signed to Big Wedge Music Publishing in Nashville.

Dr. Bondurant is listed in the“World Who’s Who of Women”; “Foremost Women of the Twentieth Century”; “The International Who’s Who in Music”; “Who’s Who of Women Executives”; and “The American Who’s Who in Music”. She is a lifetime member of the National Flute Association.

Group Classes

Beatles and World Music Online classes at Lake Tahoe Community College

go to www.ltcc.edu for more information

It's a: 
South Lake Tahoe, California, United States
Date and time: 
Fall Semester begins September 22, 2008
go to www.ltcc.edu for more information


Dr. Kathleen Bondurant, Ph.D.

2008-- West Los Angeles College, Culver City, CA
Adjunct Faculty
•Structure and teach online classes using ETUDES format: Music History

2007- Lake Tahoe Community College, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Adjunct faculty
•Structure and teach online classes using ETUDES format: History of Rock and Roll, World Music, The Beatles, Latin Music and History of Jazz

2005-2007 College of the Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas
Assistant Professor
•Teach Twentieth-Century Music, Music Through the Ages, Music History I—Medieval through Baroque, Music History II—Classical through Romantic Periods, A Survey of World Music, Basic Music Skills, Music Theory, and Performance related courses including Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced
•Keyboard classes, Applied Flute, Beginning/Intermediate Clarinet, Vocal Techniques and Beginning/Intermediate Guitar
•Coach Flute Choir, brass and small instrumental/vocal ensembles
•Conduct rehearsals and performances as Assistant Director for Concert Band
•Initiate, plan, coordinate and produce First and Second Annual Island-wide Band Festivals (designed for recruiting, fundraising and community relations purposes)
•Serve as international liaison for clinicians from Europe, Cuba and USA
•Mentor junior university tenure-track faculty
•Re-write existing courses and organize course materials to meet standards for transition from College to University in 2008
•Choose, plan and write upper level courses for a Bachelor in Music Degree and Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree, and courses for Certificate in Music Program

1991-1995 University of New Haven, West Haven, CT
Adjunct Faculty Member
•Classes taught: Flute, Class Piano, History of Economics, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics.

1989 - 1992 Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT
Adjunct Faculty Member
•Classes taught: Music History, Rudiments of Music. Perform with faculty ensemble

1986-1990 South Central Community College, New Haven, CT
Adjunct Faculty Member (Now called Gateway Community College)
•Classes taught: Class Piano, Music History, Twentieth-Century Music, Choir, Music Theory, and Romantic Music, Continuing Education Music classes for senior citizens including American Musical Theater

1989 - 1995 Parks and Recreation Department, Wallingford, CT
Music Director
•Initiate, plan, and direct a national award-winning music program.
•Hire staff, establish a community band and orchestra, a 21-piece swing band, youth orchestra and choir, organize and teach classes in woodwinds, keyboard, voice, music appreciation, recorder and guitar.

Sep 1976

Educational history

Dr. Kathleen Bondurant, Ph.D.

September, 2008
Ph.D., Flute Performance and Academic Music/Music Ed., New York University, 1984 •Studied with Julius Baker and James Galway •The youngest woman to receive a doctorate from the NYU School of Arts and Sciences M.A., Flute Performance, New York University, 1980 B.S., Flute Performance, Political Science, and Voice, Ball State University, 1978 •Honors Program (Degree received in 2 years).


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered


COLLEGE CLASSES are available through Lake Tahoe Community College or West Los Angeles College in:
World Music
Life and Music of the Beatles
History of Rock and Roll
Survey of Music History and Literature through the year 1750
Survey of Music History and Literature through Modern Times
Latin Music
Jazz History

Please Call (512) 692-9272
Flute and Piano Lessons
Beginning Guitar Lessons
Vocal Coaching
Flute Choir beginning September
Small Ensemble Classes beginning September

Woodwind and Brass Coaching

Tutoring in Music Theory and Composition
Specializing in Talented Young Students
Beginning Adults are Welcome, Too!

"A very fine teacher and performer..."
Julius Baker, Principal Flute, New York Philharmonic

"One of the best teachers in the country!"
Jim Walker, Principal Flute, Los Angeles Philharmonic

"Excellent college preparatory piano instruction!"
Ray Santisi, Professor of Piano, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
"Not your average neighborhood teacher...She's great!"
Sir James Galway, Soloist and Principle Flute, Berlin Philharmonic

* Instruction in Voice with Piano and Songwriting
* Beginning age for Flute is 8 years old.
* Beginning age for Piano is 5 years old.
* Beginning age for guitar is 8 years old.

For specific times/dates available for lessons, please complete the Prospective Student Questionnaire form on my Contact page and list the times you may be available, OR CALL ME TOLL FREE AT 888-373-1779. After you send the Prospective Student Questionnaire, you will receive a personal call from me. (Or in the case of web camera lessons, a confirmation email from me with a TOLL FREE number to call, if you have further questions.) After we decide on a mutually convenient time, I will send you an email confirmation of the lesson appointment and an invoice for a one lesson deposit to be paid through Paypal. This means of payment is quite easy once you receive the invoice.
BECAUSE I SET ASIDE THIS TIME ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, YOUR FIRST LESSON TIME WILL ONLY BE RESERVED AFTER A NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENT FOR THE COST OF THE FIRST LESSON HAS BEEN RECEIVED THROUGH PAYPAL. If you are unable to make the first lesson, rescheduling is possible, AND YOUR PAYMENT IS APPLIED TO THE FIRST MONTH OF LESSONS. If you do not attend the first lesson, or call to reschedule, your payment for the first lesson is forfeited.

1. How long have you been teaching? For almost 30 years.
2. Why should I bring my child to you, rather than our neighborhood piano teacher?
If you want the best for your child, experience, education, a nationally recognized and proven track record, and student success. will be among your first considerations in choosing teacher. I have studied with some of the top teachers in the world, and I apply their teaching techniques, in addition to my own, to your lessons, even if the goal is just to play well and have an appreciation for music, or if you want to learn music for a profession.
3. What is your teaching philosophy?
I teach students to read music right away. They are encouraged to learn all styles of music, in addition to technique and method studies. I try to keep them interested with songs they recognize and will enjoy playing. Each student will have an individually tailored course of study, and this can also include writing music, music theory, and singing. My goal is to give them the tools to be independently able to pick up a piece of music and enjoy playing it well.

4. How much do you charge?

Rates are effective July 1, 2008

In my home:

Rates are $30 per half hour, and $120 a month--Hour lessons are available.
In your home:
$40 per half hour, and $160 per month
Usually, I recommend a 30 minute lesson, unless the student is advanced, or I find that we are unable to cover the material in 30 minutes and need more time. CANCELLATIONS REQUIRE 24 HOURS NOTICE FOR RE-SCHEDULING, OR THE LESSON FEE WILL BE FORFEITED.

5. How often will I (or my child) have to practice?
Ideally, practice for the week should be 5 times the length of the lesson, eg. two and a half hours for a 30 min. lesson. However, younger students may only be able to tolerate practice 10 to 15 mins. per day. It is important to be consistent with practice regardless of how much time you can devote to this endeavor. So, even if you can only devote a few minutes, but do it every day, you will still make progress!

6. How do adults benefit?
If you are a beginner, I can help you achieve that goal of learning to play; or if you already play, help you brush up on your technique and performance skills, and make recommendations to help you improve your playing.

7. How do I know if my child is ready for lessons?
If your child knows “right hand” and “left hand”, ABC’s and counting numbers, then it is possible to start piano. Not every young child is mature enough to concentrate for 20-30 mins.

8. Do we need to have our own instrument?
Yes. You may have a relative or friend who can lend you a keyboard, guitar or flute. It does not have to be connected to the computer for me to be able to hear it.

9. Can I stay and listen to the lesson?
Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons. Especially for younger children it is important for the parent to be somewhat familiar with the lesson assignment and teaching expectations.

10. How can I keep my child interested in music?
Learning an instrument, and being able to perform on some level, should be regarded as a great accomplishment. Have your child show off skills for visitors or relatives. Attend concerts of all styles. Listen to music in the car and at home. Sing along with songs that your child learns to play.

11. Do you have recitals?
Recitals are optional and are held usually twice a year. Recitals are designed to incur as little stress as possible. Students may memorize music, but it is not required. A recital gives the student a chance to showcase a favorite piece and to have a completed goal.

12. Are there educational benefits as a result of studying a musical instrument?
Studies have shown that besides building self-esteem, music increases the ability to focus, concentrate, achieve goals, and adds to study discipline. Students who study music tend to score higher on tests. Many doctors and scientists have music as a hobby because it is relaxing, functions as a creative outlet, and uses another part of the brain than is required in scientific work.

13. Are lessons offered year around?
Yes, with the exception of vacations during the school year and a couple of weeks in July or August.

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