Lee Shuttlewood

Self-hypnosis teacher

Based in
Great Dunmow, Essex, United Kingdom
Also teaches in all of Essex, Great Dunmow
Lee Shuttlewood | Self-hypnosis teacher

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I am a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Coach based in Great Dunmow, Essex.

I help people to realise their potential to change and to help them make changes easily and quickly.

The mind is such a powerful tool and once we have taken control of it rather than letting it control us, we can change out lives and our beliefs about what we can do. That's when the magic starts!

Group Classes

The Inspired Weight Control Seminar

Have you tried all the different diets and exercise regimes and still struggle with weight loss?

Then this seminar may be for you!

Would you like to gain control over your mind and body to allow you to overcome emotional eating pattens and feel good about yourself?

This one day seminar teaches you some of the secrets of using self-hypnosis to change the patterns that lead to over eating.

Evidence has shown that diets seldom work over the long term and this is mainly down to the fact that many of them limit what you eat by way of strict guidelines and points systems. This may be fine for a while, but it can be hard work to keep track and avoid temptation!

What if you could lose weight without having to avoid the food (and drink) that you love?

Just think of the freedom of not having to count points for the rest of your life just to keep at your ideal weight.

This seminar will:

Change the way you eat

Address the emotional reasons behind over eating

Let you take control

Show you new ways to feel good about yourself because when you feel good about yourself, you look after yourself better!

The seminar will be a monthly event with a maximum of 10-15 people so book early to secure your place!

It's a: 
Great Dunmow
, Essex, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Monthly from February 2010


Aimed at: Beginner and Intermediate.
Online teaching offered

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