Languages Tutor and Linguist teacher

Based in
New Barnet, Greater London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in London
LYS LANGUAGE SERVICES | Languages Tutor and Linguist teacher

Rates: £22-30

Make an enquiry Phone: 07772985791

'I can hardly believe it, I even got an a* in my speaking and a's in writing and reading.

Je dois avoir une boom( a party, if I remember correctly ) tout de suite!!!

Bonnes Vacances! ' - Andrew Holliman-GCSE French OCR student
'Hi Lilly, just to let you know I got a high B in English, thanks very much for your help! :D tc.' -
Karan Joshi- A2 English Literature student
'Hi Lily, I got an A in my "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" coursework' - Jilpa Modessa - GCSE English AQA student
'Thank you so much for all the help you've given Jessica.
Karen' - Karen Joseph- Jessica's mum (GCSE French EdExcel student)
'Liliana Stoica (Lilly) had tutored my son (10 years) in English for over a year.
She is very good with teaching children in making them understand grammar, vocabulary and teaching them how to comprehend.
She also focuses on spelling, helping children to read with confidence.
My son did his 11+ exams at Parmiter’s and QE boys last year. He is on the waiting list in both schools. He scored a lot more in English then I had expected. He did very well in verbal reasoning.' - Mrs Gita Halai - Paavan's mum (11+ Exam)
Message received via phone (today 5/07/2011)
'Hi, Lily. Just to let you know Paavan got Level 5 in all his SATs exams.Thank you. Gita.'(see above)

Current offers
20% discount for 10 tuition sessions paid in advance.
-10% discount on your next tuition session for both you and any new pupils introduced
New: Ideal for crash course GCSE/A Level: 10% off 6 lessons paid in advance (save some money with help on the way!)

Please find prices in the links provided.

Learning can be fun with entertaining resources and ,as one of my dear teachers once told me: 'The better you are prepared, the easier your exam questions will be'
Best of luck!
Bonne chance!
Mult succes!
!Le deseo "Mucha Suerte"!


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered


I am available afternoons, weekends and sometimes mornings, but I do charge 50% of the tuition fee if no two- working day's cancellation notice is given.
Moreover, if more than one tuition are cancelled consecutively, the tutee will accept a raincheck for the second tutoring session or offer to pay full tuition fee during the break, in order to secure his/her place.
As a personal remark, my parents never cancelled tuition, as they thought inconsistency broke branches from the tree of knowledge.Please consider that interruption may impact negatively, as it brings about regress, through waste of time, rather than gradual progress and knowledge consistency on your way to SUCCESS.

Furthermore, the cancellation policy is further stated in an agreement that I have in place.

Once the first lesson is agreed on, half of the tuition fee will be paid in advance to ensure continuity and cover of expenses.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07772985791

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