Louise Harrison

philosophy teacher

Based in
Durham, United Kingdom
Also teaches in I am willing to travel up to 20 miles

Rates: £35 ph Pre-U / £30 AS / A2 / £25 GCSE

Make an enquiry Phone: 07532309745

I am currently (and have been for seven years) an examiner and reviewer with an A Level Philosophy national examining board. I have been a private tutor for 19 years and have been teaching in mainstream Further and Higher Education for thirteen years.
Over the past years, I find that I mostly teach A Level students, although I have begun teaching for Pre-U. Additionally, I have had many G.C.S.E. students in English and / or Religious Studies. I teach Critical Thinking A Level also and this is very helpful to all students, regardless of their subject, as it equips them with skills in laying out exam. responses and an overall tendency to think rationally.
Some of my recent students say that I made what they found to be a not very accessible subject (philosophy / religious studies) and, also, in one's words, a 'boring' subject, come alive for them. I was delighted at this because, if a student is actually enthusiastic about the subject, then he or she will perform better academically. That particular student went from a U the previous year to the required B for entrance to his university of choice (Newcastle) where he has now embarked on a degree in Agri Business (testimonials provided on request.)

Initially sceptical about the benefits of online teaching, and viewing it as perhaps a shortcut or shoddy way to teach, I easily became and remain an utter convert to its advantages! It is incredibly versatile. Here is how:
1) Resources can be emailed prior to the lesson- throughout the lesson, you and I have might have five or six documents open at any time and can easily move from one to the other without having lots of distracting books and handouts on a table in front of us.
2) Some students who tend to be a little shy find that online tutoring allows them to speak more freely (I simply use Skype to connect, microphone audio headset and the screen which is the focus of the lesson. Having used a webcam initially, I found that it merely got in the way (of reading and discussing handouts which the screen space was needed for) and served no useful purpose-- so, no webcam needed. I have successfully tutored a sixth form girl who I have never ever met (she lived many miles away in a different county). She went on to win her school's philosophy prize and gained a place reading philosophy at Royal Holloway and is now doing her Master's at Cambridge. My other online students I have met perhaps only once or twice.
3) Students can make notes as we read through a piece: for example, I will emphasise important points and sum up these points, so a student can actually be making what will later serve as revision notes throughout the lesson. This is done so much more easily online, with all documents open and no time wasted on turning back a page etc.
4) Time spent travelling is cut out. The actual hour (or more) is utilized effectively.
5) You do not have to leave the comfort of your own home! Teenagers sometimes get tired (or sick), due to pressures at school and also having a social life, so there is less likelihood of their cancelling if a lesson is conducted from their own home.
However, I think that online tuition is suitable only for ages 14 upwards.

One-to-one lessons


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered


I also offer pair or small group tuition (up to 10). Prices are reduced as number rises-- negotiable. I offer
further reduced prices for low-income students with proof of school postcode.
I usually (after a first session) ask for a 4-weekly in advance payment. Payment can be by either bank transfer or cash.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07532309745

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