Lourdes-Anne Requena

Life Coaching. Tai Chi & Spanish coach

Based in
Epsom, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Ashtead, Caterham, Epsom, Ewell, Richmond. I'm willing & able to travel anywhere & will add costs etc to my prices.
Lourdes-Anne Requena | Life Coaching. Tai Chi & Spanish coach

Rates: Tai Chi classes from £7.00 outdoor to £10. One to one £50. Coaching at £57 per session & other rates for block bookings. Well being days and other services to be negotiated.

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I am a life Coach, a Change Facilitator and a Tai Chi & Chi Gong Instructor. I coach private clients and groups and I run a Coaching development group in Ewell. Life Coaching can be done over the telephone, face to face and by email, therefore clients can apply for my services wherever they live, in the U.K. and overseas.

I teach Tai Chi on a one to one basis, in small and large groups and I am offering my services to companies and corporate clients as well. I blend my Tai Chi and Coaching into a unique and limitless self development programme, that can aid greater health and well being, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I believe far too many people are suffering from stress and emotional dis-ease, therefore my services can, and do offer positive results, such as: increased confidence, positive solutions to conflict, improved circualtion and blood pressure, aids digestive problems, better sleep, a more positive oulook and mindset, helps to manage stress and much more.

I am available for talks, workshops, well being sessions and days, master classes, groups (large and small) and one to ones and more.

I am very passionate about increasing my work in the NHS, Local Authorities, schools and hospitals, G.P. practices and organisations that work with and help young people, prisons etc.

I can also offer help with Spanish communication.

I'm open to new business: classes, groups, one to one sessions, master classes & introductory days/half days, talks, workshops etc. I have a very strong passion to be working with small children and young people again and to helping them find a way to help themselves and create a better quality of life for themselves. I would love to take Life Coaching, Tai Chi and other skills of mine into schools, surgeries, hospitals, social service areas, etc, etc. I am interetsed in connection with anyone who would like to avail themselves of any of my skills and services as a paying client/paying students and also anyone who has similar passions, business, interests etc and who I could perhaps join forces with and partner up with in some way. All good opportunities are very welcome and greatly received. Working with people holistically is a great focus of mine.

Group Classes

Lourdes-Anne Requena (Lou)

I run this class weekly and there are currently 4 places left to be filled. A beautiful and very spiritual venue and you will learn an art form and movements to aid better health and greater well being, a ;programme to help manage stress, better sleep, more flexibility, better circulation and improved Blood Pressure. A more positive outlook, positive solutions to conflict, more focus and greater balance and much more.

I teach Tai Chi and Chi Gong and I am also a Life Coach, combining these two practices to deliver a limitless self development programme that can truly help you change your life and how you view yourself and others.

I am receiving great comments and testimonials from my clients and I know that my work can add value and can help in many ways.

It's a: 
St. Michael's The Sanctuary in Ewell, Surrey
Ewell, Epsom, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Wednesdays, 12.30 to 1.30. Other classes also available in other areas and venues.
£9.00 per person per hour minimum

Tai Chi, Chi Gong & Meditation

I run private classes in various locations and prices vary, depending on location, numbers and services required.

I run outdoor classes on Epsom Downs on the last Sunday of every month at £7.00 per person, 10.30 to 11.30am and my class in Ewell is on a Wednesday at £9.00 per hour, 12.30 to 1.30 and there are 4 places remaining.

I also run a Coaching development group at St. Michael's in Ewell, on the third Monday of every month, from 7.30 to 9.30pm at £10.00 per person. All coaches are welcome as is anyone who is interested in this subject and in their own personal development.

Also available are: talks, workshops, well being days, programmes for schools, corporate clients and private clients, one to ones, small and large classes/groups and much more. Prices to be negotiated depending on the servcies required, duration of the course, sessions or programme, location, travel costs and other costs to be taken into consideration. This is to be discussed and agreed between myself and the client(s) at the outset.

It's a: 
St. Michael's Church in Ewell & other venues and areas.
Church Street, Ewell. The Brighton Road, L.Kngswd, Surrey, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Wednesdays, 12.30-1.30 & others
Starting at £9.00 & £7.00 for outdoor classes on Epsom Downs.


Tai Chi for health and well being and areas within the NHS

I teach Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Meditation, Visualisation and Relaxation and I coach people,(Life Coaching, Mentoring, Advising and Supporting) in these areas:
Mental Health, people who have had strokes, people in wheelchairs, the frail and elderley, young people, people who have Epilepsy and I am intending to use my skills and services in hospitals, schools and many other areas.

I have great experience in working with young people and families in crisis and would like to take my services into organisations and companies that work with these client groups and provide help for the clients and practitioners alike.

I am also introducing well being days, half days and programmes for health and well being, classes, one to ones etc to coporate clients, thus helping directors and workers alike, to gain better focus and concentration, greater health and well being, more flexibility, positive solutions to conflict, better sleep and help for managing stress and much much more.

I am an experienced practitioner with young people, the frail and elderly, mental health, healing, illness, those who have been bereaved and survivors of trauma and abuse. I can offer great help in these areas and come from a place of personal experience and a knowledge and wisdom of how to overcome great adversity and challenge.

I can guarantee a professional, positive and genuine service to all my clients. I work very intuitively and with great integrity and responsibility.

Jun 2003


Aimed at: Beginner and Intermediate.
Online teaching offered


I negotiate my prices depending on what people need and what they expect from me and the length of the sessions/programme etc. I also add travel costs and subsistence depending on where I need to go and how long for.

For my local classes, I invite people to attend for two classes initially, to see if they like what I do and how I teach it and if they want to continue, I expect a commitment and payment in advance, to secure their place.

For coaching I take payment in advance and I ask people to adhere to a 48 hour notice period for cancellations and changes, otherwise payment is to be made in full.

All else is to be negotiated between myself and my clients individually, depending on the work involved and terms and conditions thereof.

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