Madeline Kelly

Piano & Music Theory teacher

Based in
Peel, Isle of Man
Madeline Kelly | Piano & Music Theory teacher

Rates: £15.50 for 30 minutes, £21.75 for 45 minutes, £28 for an hour

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I've been teaching classical piano and music theory since 2000 (been playing since 1980), and jazz improvisation and pop/rock style piano since 2003. Like most teachers on the island, I have a waiting list, but don't let that stop you from getting in touch.

I follow the ABRSM syllabus generally, but am happy to explore the Trinity Guildhall syllabus if the pupil prefers it. I'm also happy to avoid exams altogether. I have several pupils who don't do exams but, because I think it's important for musicians to learn how to communicate to an audience, I organise two concerts each year for all my pupils to perform in -- it's a friendly, non-judgmental environment and everyone has cakes and tea afterwards!

Although you don't actually need any qualifications to be a private music teacher, I do have a few: BA Hons in Music, PG Dip in 20th Century Performance, and DipABRSM in Performance. I'm working towards the LRSM and LTCL at the moment.

I don't teach from home, so lessons take place in the pupils' own homes. This means I have slightly higher fees than other local teachers (to cover the time spent driving from one house to the next, and to cover petrol/car maintenance).


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


As stated in my "About me" bit, I teach in the pupil's own home. Lessons are difficult and unproductive if the environment is noisy (e.g. in a busy hallway, in the kitchen during mealtimes), badly lit, freezing cold. It also helps to keep the piano in tune, and to make sure there's a seat of the right height (so that fore-arms are parallel with the floor when playing). Instrumental practice can often seem like hard work -- so it's best to remove all hindrances, no matter how trivial.

I don't offer refunds for missed lessons, but I'm happy to reschedule where possible.

Fees are payable at the start of each school term, so you're paying for the term's lessons in advance.

As I have a waiting list I don't require any notice of quitting, and I will refund any fees for the untaken lessons after quitting. (Basically, if you pay me £150 for 10 lessons, then decide to quit after 5 lessons, I'll give you £75 back.)

I cannot guarantee success. Most instrumental progress is made during practice, not during lessons. If you aren't regularly practising (ideally daily) then you won't make progress, no matter how many lessons you have. The piano is a greedy instrument. The better you get at it, the more practice you have to do. At the beginning it's likely to be 10 minutes every day, but by Grade 8 you're looking at approximately an hour every day. It's a huge commitment.

Everyone plays better with short fingernails!

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