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Studies in the Conservatoire of the Liceu in Flute, Violin and Piano (Barcelona)
Three courses on performance and pedagogy in Edgar Willems methadology in Italy.
Constant performances in orchestras, solo recitals and chamber music in Spain, Italy and UK.

• MUSIC THEORY AND MUSICIANSHIP (harmony, analysis, history, aural, composition, ABRSM and Trinity exams...)

What can it be more rewarding for somebody who loves and lives for music than to be able to transmit this love?
For us musical education is not about teaching or instructing knowledge, but about stimulating the capacities and qualities of children (or of any human being) and help develop them naturally and correctly to be able to attain the command of this way of expression. Every child has got human capacities that allow him/her to make music, we must only guide them to develop these innate faculties and give the resources that will give to them the freedom of expressing through this fabulous art. The awakening and development of musical capacities like auditory perception, rhythmic sense, melodic sense, tonal sense, motricity... are very useful for the physiological and affective development of the child during the early age, and they will form the bases of a future conscious and intellectual music education which will lead to the domain of musical language (reading, writing and performing).

Initiation 1, Initiation 2, Initiation 3, MUSICIANSHIP - MUSIC THEORY (Ages 6 - adult)
We believe that is very important to be able to understand music from its deepness. Learning theory and harmony (analysis, counterpoint, composition...) helps us enjoy music more, either through playing an instrument or listening to it. Furthermore, these subjects can be taught and explained in a serious but pleasant way: let’s be amused by the wonderful world and language of music! We love to express and transmit our knowledge and passion for music to even the younger ones; to give everyone the resources to develop their skills and their love for this precious form of art. We prepare students for ABRSM and Trinity-Guildhall Music Theory Examinations.

Musicianship 1, Musicianship 2, Musicianship 3, Musicianship 4, Musicianship 5, Musicianship 6, Musicianship 7, Musicianship 8, PREPARATION FOR GCSE and A LEVEL MUSIC GCSE and A Levels exams (Edexcel, AQA, OCR).
* Musicianship for GCSE (often linked with Musicianship 5)
* Musicianship for A Levels (often linked with Musicianship 8)

***** PIANO and FLUTE ******
To start an instrument is a wonderful moment for any person’s life, either child or adult, and it is the right moment to help the young beginner to love and value the instrument he/she is playing; to show to him/her the fantastic resource he/she has in his/her hands and overall to make him/her enjoy music and the way to express it through this instrument. The meeting of a good companion for the rest of his/her life! Individual lessons for beginners to advanced students.

***** CHAMBER MUSIC *****
For two or more children/adults who play instruments and who would like to play, learn more about performance and have fun together. Any instruments are possible, and repertoire can be arranged. It is an amazing way to enjoy music and learn!

Meritxell is founder and teaches at: BEETHOVEN MUSIC SCHOOL
We are a small music school based in Harrow (Greater London) with the aim to provide a coherent, complete and enjoyable music education to infants, children, youngsters and adults who wish to learn, share and enjoy the beautiful art of music.
Run by musicians and music pedagogues, Beethoven Music School tries to fill the gap on a music education system that is renowned for its excellence in its higher studies but, that lacks of institutions and structure in a pre-undergraduate level. We believe that music has to be experienced in its fullness and through its different elements to be able to feel the real power of this wonderful medium of artistic expression.
Nowadays, conventional music teaching focuses most of the musical training in interpretation and performance and doing so it achieves good executors but, not so good musicians. Music is a medium of expression hence it should be primarily used to express, communicate and create. This can be done through a wonderful interpretation of a masterpiece, but it is even more personal and expressive if it is through one's own composition or improvisation. Being a great creator, means using and developing one's imagination, creativity and expression, three essential elements for any great performance.
In Beethoven Music School, students receive a music education that contains and develops most of the different fields and elements of music:
*Performance and Interpretation
Sight-Reading Creativity:
* Composition
* Improvisation Musical language:
* Solfeggio
Harmony Musical culture:
* History of music
* Composers biographies and repertoire Singing
* Vocal technique
* Ensemble singing
Chamber Music Experiencing the different elements of music gives students a broader and deeper education, development and consequently a higher motivation and love for music. Beethoven Music School is formed by musicians for young musicians, a place to share the love and passion for music!

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One-to-one lessons


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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