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Nadine Pauland | Building with natural materials tutor

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I'm 29 years old and I have this passion about natural building methods using Earth and Straw and whatever is possible to raise walls or just create a warm and healthy design - inside or outside.

I have some practical knowledge but that needs to be improved so I'm happy to tell people the how to but will also gain from each experience...


Edinburgh Treefest

At the 7th anniversary of the Edinburgh Treefest I built my first own bottle wall unsupervised. With the help of friends and keen children we raised a small wall to demonstrate the ease and beauty of a wall made of natural materials. Again check to read more about it and see some photos.

Jun 2008

Earthship training Jamaica

In the beginning of the year when the air was still wet and the sky grey I went to the sunny island of Jamaica to not just experience rum and caribbean sunsets but also real working experience alongside the Earthship commando crew of Michael Reynolds.
We built a Hut Earthship, one of the smaller systems but not less beautiful. Tire pounding, creating bottle walls, plastering and getting to know the technologies was all part of the far too short working experience. To read more about it and view some pictures check:

Mar 2008

Building with Earth in Belarus

For three weeks we lived in a small village in Belarus with families that were victims of the Chernobyl katastrophe. Every year a German aid organization builds more houses in that village to make more people that live in the still contaminated area in the south move to the north.
The houses are a simple construction of a timber frame with Earth infill walls. The earth mix contains regular loamy soil, wooden chips that are leftovers from the nearby timber factory and water. With wooden bat-looking rams the mix gets rammed between the timber posts and very quick raises walls that will provide an excellent indoor climate and a beautiful home for the family.

Jul 2007 - Aug 2007


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