Philip Kubilius

Tai Chi teacher

Based in
Blackburn, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Germany, Spain
Philip Kubilius | Tai Chi teacher

Rates: £6 at JJB sports, £7 class, £20 private 1 hour

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Philip Kubilius is an independent full time professional Tai Chi and Qigong teacher, who gives seminars regularly in Europe. He has made extensive studies into the nature of internal energy (Chi). His unique insight and understanding of Chi make him especially attractive to Tai Chi clubs and societies wanting to have a no nonsense approach to developing internal power. He explains simply and naturally what has hitherto been kept a secret from the western world. “You would not stumble on the secrets by accident” he says, “Tai Chi is so amazingly subtle. You have to work hard to develop your power but when you have power everything falls into place”. His teachers over the last 30 years have been, Master Derek Gordon, Master Michael Tse, Master John Ding
(1st Disciple of Grand Master Ip Tai Tak). In 2001 he went to Hong Kong to meet and study with Grand Master Ip Tai Tak (1st disciple of Grand Master Yang Sau Chung).
Philip was trained as a concert pianist!


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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