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What lessons can self-organised learning communities takefrom the FLOSS movement?

I'll be recording interviews as part of LIWOLI as a way of exploring hacker and media artists impressions of self-organised education.

Some questions Iʼd like to explore:

•Does one have to attend a formal institution to become an Artist or Technologist?

•How important is a sense of community (mentors, teachers and peers) to a learning experience?
•How important is it for learners to hack and remix their knowledge?
•How can “free” learning work alongside formal institutions such as art schools and universities?
• What elements of the FLOSS movement are most relevant to the idea of DIY / self-organised / “free” learning communities?
• What are the most valuable experiences we take from formal learning?
• Can we create similar experiences outside of formal institutions?
• How can we enable more people to have valuable learning experiences usingreadily available resources?
• How can people share their experience of learning as well as the knowledge that they are acquiring?
• Autodidacts and self-learning have always existed, but how can society make this learning journey easier?

You can find out more here.

It's a: 
LIWOLI, Kunstuniversität Linz
Linz, Austria
Date and time: 
23rd - 25th April, 10.00 - 16.30
Open to LIWOLI participants


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