Rachel Menconi

Voice Singing.Acting.and Performance (Bel Canto technique) teacher

Based in
Montvale, United States
Also teaches in Bergen County New Jersey, Northern New Jersey, NYC, Private Home Studio Montvale New Jersey

Rates: NJ Rates:$45-$95 per Private Lesson; $25-$50 per Group Class. Contact Rachel for updated Prices.

Make an enquiry Phone: 201-474-5575



1. Gain a lifelong, solid, consistent, and healthy technique that they can always count on in practice and performance.

2. Gain specific technical and personal notes in a notebook and/or computer file that is organized and always accessible for review.

3. Gain artistry, performance skills, and a strong voice that will look/sound authentic; Singers will sound appropriate to whatever style of music they are singing. (No fake sound or look.) Actors will just be in the moment and truthful whether they are on stage or in front of the camera.

4. Gain the confidence to always put on a great performance.

5. Gain focus and a more productive mind frame.

6. Become self-sufficient by knowing how to assess a problem and then fix it without creating a new issue.


The Menconi Performance Studio: Where you not only learn healthy technique, but how to become a self-sufficient artist. Professional training and customized programs in singing and acting technique. All learning styles, all ages, and all levels. Private lessons and group classes.

We prepare our students for the real world with up to date training (singing and acting) and both performance opportunities and showcases in front of industry professionals when students are ready.

Students come from all walks of life. All voice types, all ages, all levels, all mediums (TV-film-theatre), all character - ingenue actors, and ALL genres (Rock, Pop, Alternative, Funk, Soul, Musical Theater, R&B, Jazz, Opera) welcome!

Rachel's students (current and former) have gone on national tours, released albums, are in bands, have been cast in regional/Off-Off-Broadway/Off-Broadway Theatre, movies (Noah, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Finally Famous), music videos, and on TV (Royal Pains, Smash, 30 Rock, The Good Wife, Law and Order: SVU, & NBC's The Voice competition).

Owner/Teacher: Rachel Menconi
14+ years of teaching to children - teens - adults (Ages 6+ group classes, 8+ private lessons)


Rachel is a member of SAG-AFTRA, The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS certified), VASTA (Voice And Speech Trainers Association), NARAS (The Grammy Awards), New Jersey Theatre Alliance, NJMEA, NAfME, NAMTA, MAC, and BMI. She has been teaching Bel Canto singing technique for the modern singer and Stella Adler-Stanislavsky-Chekhov-Meisner acting technique for all mediums for 14+ years to children, teens, and adults.

Rachel has trained at The Hages Music Studio under a master teacher for 20+ years in the Bel Canto singing technique for all genres, studied at The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC as well as recorded and released her first album called "Just Meant To Be". Other credits include commercials, films, TV shows (One Tree Hill, AMC, Food Network), music videos (including Rachel's singles "Don't Even Try", "You Will Love On"), & numerous stage credits (Off-Broadway/NYC Theatre). Rachel most recently was seen in the reading of a new play "Vanishing Son" by Peter Gil-Sheridan performed in NYC. She is also a songwriter (16+ years), scriptwriter (9+ years), director (12+ years), and an international recording artist (10+ years).

Rachel has been performing for 27+ years, has performed in front of sold out crowds, and has been honored with many standing ovations. Other honors include magazine covers, featured articles, singing to thousands of people, studio recordings/albums, originated the role of "Antigone" in "Oedipus: The Musical", 2002 Helen Hayes Nomination for" Outstanding Vocal Performance in a Musical" ("Miss Adelaide" in "Guys And Dolls"), & 2008 finalist for NYC Singing Idol Competition. Rachel has also been fortunate to have worked & performed with many people in the business including Grammy-Tony-Emmy Award Winners/Nominees.


Whether you are a parent looking for instruction for your child, or for yourself, Rachel can customize the right program that best suits your needs. Her students come from all walks of life and have different goals, but they all have one thing in common. They love performing and have the desire to be the best at their chosen craft (singing/acting).

Some students want to sing for themselves, others want to sing for a hobby, and others want to be professional performers. That's where Rachel comes in. No matter what your goals are, as long as your serious about lessons and getting better, she can help. Rachel teaches her students how to become true artists without tearing them down and without taking away the part of them that makes them unique.

Learning how to sing is a process and doesn't happen overnight. Rachel's ultimate goal as a teacher is to not only make her students the best performers and singers they can be, but also give them all of the proper tools they need to have a more productive mind frame and become self-sufficient. Of course this can take years to master. It takes time and dedication.


SINGING: Bel Canto singing technique for the modern singer is taught in private and group classes. No one sounds like old opera singers, even if the student wants to sing opera. Students are allowed to choose most of the material they learn in the lesson. There will be times when Rachel will suggest a song to a student but if the student doesn't enjoy the song, they will work as a team to find a song that does work for the student. Gain a better tone quality, complete control of your voice, bigger range, more flexibility, and confidence. Learn healthy voice technique, how to fully take care of your own voice so you can sing for the rest of your life (even after lessons), and become a self sufficient performer for life.

ACTING: Stella Adler, Stanislavsky, Chekhov, and Meisner Acting Technique for Theatre/Camera is taught in private and group classes. All students are exposed to each technique and Rachel sees which technique each student responds to the most. Once the student and Rachel are able to identify the technique, Rachel continues to use the terminology of that technique for the remainder of the time the student is in lessons. Students eventually are able to play roles truthfully and realistically, even if the roles are opposite of the student's own personality.

SPECIALTIES: We specialize in Bel Canto voice technique for the modern singer. Each student can sing all genres without sounding too classical, "fake", and without losing their voice while singing for long periods of time. Other Specialties: Teaching acting technique for theatre-TV-Film (Stella Adler, Stanislavsky, Chekhov, & Meisner), performance skills, songwriting, and creating self-sufficient singers-actors-performers (Artist Development).


"Rachel goes above and beyond to make you the best you can be. She is seriously the best voice teacher I have ever had!" - Laura S. of Northern NJ and Burbank CA.

"I've been in this business a long time and have gone to many other so called 'vocal coaches'. Hands down Rachel is best voice teacher I've ever had and she is the only voice teacher I can really trust. She not only helps me with my voice but she also helps me with organization, artistry, and keeps me accountable. She gives me personalized warm ups and a plan to practice to help achieve me goals." - Fatimah B. of West Orange, NJ

"Rachel makes everything so fun. I've learned so much! My voice used to get tired and hurt after I sang. Now my voice is getting so much stronger and doesn't hurt at all. I take both private voice lessons and group performance classes. I highly recommend Rachel's program to anyone and everyone!" Elaine R of Northern, NJ (Solo Singer)

"She makes me feel so comfortable. I'm an actor first, but want to be a musical theatre performer. I have issues with matching pitch. I've only been with Rachel for about 4 months, but I've already seen a huge difference in my pitch and tone quality. I've gotten alot better. I live about an hour away but that doesn't stop me from coming to lessons and performance classes. Patricia T of Southern NJ (Actor, Aspiring Musical Theatre Performer)

"When I had my first lesson, I knew I had to come back. Rachel makes everything so clear and she gets me. I like that." Naomi S. of Upper Saddle River, NJ (Solo Singer)

"I've only had one lesson with Rachel but I've already learned so much, not just in singing but how my mind works. She was able to break through some of the barriers I've put up in the past. I've never liked my voice. When I was in the lesson, there were times that I actually liked the sound that was coming out of my mouth! I can't wait for my next lesson!" Mike K Of Ramsey, NJ (Guitarist, Drummer, Bassist, and Singer of a band)

"If you want to increase your range, breath control, learn how to keep your voice for the rest of your life,...in other words be the best singer you can possibly be, you HAVE to go to Rachel!" Steve P Of Paramus, NJ (Solo Singer and Songwriter)

"I don't know how she does it but Rachel always knows how to fix my problem(s) and makes sure that I know how to fix my problem(s) too. Rachel really is the "Sherlock Holmes" of singing!" Josh S of Hillsdale, NJ (Solo Singer, Guitarist, and Songwriter)

"When I came to Rachel, I literally had no voice or range at all. I even had problems matching pitch. I've been with Rachel for a little over 11 months now and I can't believe the difference in my voice! It's so much bigger and I can match pitch so easily now!" Danny G of Nyack, NY (Lead Singer, Lead Guitarist, and Songwriter of rock/ska band)

"I really wish I could come to Rachel's more often. She really cares about me and tries to accommodate me and my needs as much as possible. I'm so fortunate I found her!" Mia P of Northern NY (Solo Singer)

"My voice is so much bigger and I'm alot more confident with my singing and performance skills! Thanks Rachel for all your help!" Alli K of Hillsdale, NJ (Musical Theatre Performer and Solo Singer)

"I came to Rachel because I couldn't advance anymore by myself. I had some of a voice when I started but I had trouble being in control of my voice. I had problems with my break and singing with my falsetto. After 10 months, I've seen a huge improvement in my voice and singing is so much easier for me." Josh S of Nashville, TN (Solo Singer, Guitaist, and Songwriter)

"I hated my falsetto and when I started to go higher, my voice sounded much thinner in the beginning. I am still working on it but feel and hear a huge difference in my voice! I live about 45 minutes - 60 minutes away from Rachel depending on traffic. She is worth the distance!" Brad S of Parsippany, NJ (Musical Theatre Performer and Singer)

"I love how in the private lessons and in the performance classes, we not only learn so much, but Rachel makes it fun. She gets me to think and to see things that I do in other people. This helps me learn faster." Jillian A of Parkridge, NJ (Solo Singer)

"I had been classically trained before I came to Rachel. I hadn't been to a lesson in over a year and needed to find someone because I was ready to go on a short summer tour with my band. Rachel tried to explain to me that my problem was that I was screaming instead of supporting my voice. This is why I could never create a mix tone easily. Well, I'm so happy that now I can sing with a mix!" Jacqui S of Nyack, N.Y. (Lead Singer of a rock band, Song Writer, and Recording Artist.)

"Rachel not only knows what she is talking about in singing and in performance technique, she is also the nicest person you will ever meet. I love working with her because she makes the lesson fun and teaches without intimidating me!" Mark O of Southern NJ (Solo Singer)

Group Classes



Pre-pay Group Classes Packages:
4 classes - $130
6 classes - $170
8 classes - $220
10 classes - $250
12 classes - $280
14 classes - $310
18 classes - $350
20 classes - $380 (that's just $19 per class)

Single classes:
$40 per performance class

It's a: 
a NY studio (Varies)
Manhattan NYC, United States
$40 per performance class (single classes). Prices for Group pre-pay classes are above.

General Acting Class

The on going general Acting Classes are where students take notes on acting/performance technique, identify both good and bad technique, do mind and body warm-ups (as a group with the class), act out monologues (alone) in front of the class, go over scenes (with at least one other student), learn how to project, and learn how to recover when things go wrong in performance without letting the audience know! All students CAN keep (and our encouraged to keep) all scenes and monologues handed out. Students also have the option of writing a short one act play together (as a group) and learn to copyright their original works. A selected group of students also prepare for a performance in NJ and/or in NYC once a year.

(Duration and scheduling of each class is chosen by Rachel)

It's a: 
The Menconi Performance Studio
, United States
Date and time: 
2-3 hours once a week (normally weekends, sometimes weekdays night)
2 hour acting class: $25, 3 hour acting: $35


All performance classes are where students take notes on singing/performance technique, students analyze recordings of themselves and other artists singing; identifying both good and bad technique, sing warm-ups (as a group with the class), sing songs (alone) in front of the class, gain confidence, and learn how to recover when things go wrong in performance without letting the audience know! Performance classes are designed to help increase technique, confidence, knowledge, and re-enforce what is taught and practiced in the private voice lesson. Students also learn to copyright their original songs. A selected group of students also prepare for a performance in NJ or in NYC at least once a year.

Also ask about very affordable theatre intensives (Winter/Summer) and theatre/singing workshops taught in Northern NJ/NYC! These classes are packed with information you need to know about performance! ONLY 12 people max in any workshop/intensive!

It's a: 
The Menconi Performance Studio in NJ
Montvale, NJ/Manhattan, NYC/Bloomfield, NJ, United States
performance class: $30 (rates are based on students having a weekly private lesson)


Below date is when I first started training. Look at my bio above for more details about my performance and training experience!

Rachel's Training And Performance Experiences At A Glance:

-19+ years of intense Bel Canto singing technique.
-20+ years performance experience.
-40+ shows starred in.
-20+ Off-Broadway Cabarets starred in.
-12+ years Of Musical Theatre Training.
-12+ years of Stanislavsky, Stella Adler, Meisner, and Chekhov Acting Technique.
-8+ Theatre/On-Camera acting (TV, Film, Soap Opera, Cold Reading, sit com...etc).
-15+ years of song writing experience.
-8+ years recording studio.
-6+ years of dance (Tap/Hip-hop/Jazz).

Have trained with and performed with Grammy award winners/nominees, Emmy award winners/nominees, and tony award winners/nominees.

Other Credentials/Memberships:
- SAG-AFTRA (The Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)
- VASTA (Voice And Speech Trainers Association)
- NARAS (The Grammy Awards)
- NATS certified (National Association of Teachers of Singing)
- NAMA (North American Music Association)
- BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.)
-Founder/President of the music publishing company called "Sunshine Face".
-Founder/Artistic Director of the theatre/production company called "Sunshine Face Productions"

Sep 1990


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered


Lessons fees are based off of a sliding scale. The more you come, the more you save.

NOTE: To become a student, you must be serious about getting better at singing. If you do not plan on singing professionally as a career, you must at least plan on some form of public performance (talent shows, open mic nights, holidays, community theatre, weddings, parties, Church, Temple...etc) OR you at least need to be able to make time to practice.

CANCELLATION: 24 hours before their lesson and 48 hours before group class, unless they are sick or there is an emergency. If a student is sick, they are to CALL me as early as possible. Students should make-up private voice lesson on another day the same week or the following week. Students who do not give proper notice WILL be charged the FULL AMOUNT. Naturally, emergencies are handled on a case-by-case basis.

LATE: If the student is going to be late, they are to CALL me as soon as possible and please leave a message.

"NO SHOW/NO CALL: If the student doesn't show and doesn't call, the student is charged the full amount for my time and preparation I've put aside for their lesson. Of course there are a few exceptions but those are emergencies.

(Please note that my time is very valuable to my students and these policies are enforced to ensure consistent attendance.)

SITTING IN: Parents/Guardians are ONLY permitted to stay for the first lesson/class. Parents/Gaurdians are not permitted to sit in for any other lesson unless invited. This is to promote good/strong teacher-student relationship quickly and easily. Also, many times students feel more comfortable when their parents/guardians leave.

FULL RULES OF PC: If you miss a class without telling Rachel previously (unless there is an emergency; emergencies are handled by a case-by-case basis), you must pay for the entire class missed. If you are late without being excused, you must pay for the entire class.

** NO guests are allowed in class or private lessons without prior consent from me. **

REFERRAL BENEFITS: If you refer a student to me and they continue, after their fourth lesson, you get a free lesson. Every month after (if they stay on), you get $5 (five dollars) of credit that can accumulate throughout the year (to up to $50). You can use it all for a free lesson or for partial payment. Credit expires after 12 months.

PAYMENT: Each student should pay for their VL and PC at the beginning of their VL. Payment can be paid with cash, personal check, or USA postal money order. Payments can also be pre-paid/in bulk. Client or client’s parents/guardian (if underage) will be responsible to pay any additional charges due to bounced checks along with their lesson payment.

Note: If student wishes to leave lessons for any reason, all monies owed must be paid in full at their last lesson or no later than 5 days after their last lesson. If money is not received on time, an extra $10 will be added on to their bill everyday their payment is late.

TEACHER/STUDENT AGREEMENT: Each student and/or parent/guardian (if student is under 18) MUST sign the Teacher/Student Agreement or they will not be allowed to start. Students who fail to comply (multiple times) with anything in an Teacher/Student Agreement, will be asked to leave and to NOT return.

Make an enquiry Phone: 201-474-5575

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