Richard Farmer

Tai Chi Movement & Meditation workshop leader

Based in
Hereford, United Kingdom
Also teaches in All over the UK, Copenhagen (Denmark), Geneva, Hereford, Paris
Richard Farmer | Tai Chi Movement & Meditation workshop leader

Rates: I try to never let money get in the way whilst charging a rate that reflects my professional stature of 35 years

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I was first introduced to meditation at the age of 13 to help me with asthma. This showed me that life is more flexible than I had previously thought and that I could change and heal the things that were difficult for me.

I began learning Tai Chi Chuan in 1975 and have studied with some truly amazing teachers, including my No1 teacher, the late Dr Chi Chiang Tao. Along the way I founded my own school, Rising Dragon Tai Chi which, amongst other things, has been an investigation in how to bring the principles of Tai Chi into an administrative structure.

In addition, I continued to develop my meditation studies with many highly respected Tibetan Buddhist teachers and Hindu guides from the East.

On a more modern note I have studied and worked with (amongst others) Douglas Harding, Ram Dass, Richard Moss, Chad Varah and the guide “Emmanuel”.

Having developed a way of distilling the essence of Tai Chi Chuan so that students of this art can learn to translate it into their daily lives, I felt the wish to offer this gift to those who do not practise the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

This is the work I call "Soul Moves". Any move that allows us to live closer to our true nature, our soul's nature, is a soul movement. It is about seeing that we are already that which we seek, rather than looking outside for others' confirmation or being caught in external methods.

Through dedicating my life to living the essence of these paths in the modern world, my teaching is in my being and through this, I invite you to touch your own and live it.

Group Classes

Soul Moves weekend 20th - 22nd March 2009

A Soul Moves Retreat will offer you rest, nourishment, support and inspiration. It introduces you to ways that re-connect you with your own vitality, aliveness, and inner peace.

In unpredictable times it is vital to give ourselves space to relax and let go - to find the inner sanctuary which lies at the centre of each one of us, just behind the tension.

We will do this through gentle Tai Chi exercises which explore the principle of stillness in motion. Through Meditation – the art of being present. Through the opportunity to reflect on how we live our lives, and explore ways we might apply what we have understood during the retreat. By meeting people of like mind in the wonderfully peaceful setting of Poulstone Court. By deeply relaxing and offering our presence to each other.

We invite you to join us and give yourself this gift.

It's a: 
Poulstone Court
, Herefordshire, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
20th - 22nd March 2009
Cost: Accommodation:£126.90 Tuition: Full fee: £73.10 (Reduced fee: £43.10)


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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