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We all have ideas. Sometimes they just happen. But often the ideas that could really make a difference to our lives seem to run into obstacles that mean they remain just that “ideas”.

So how do we make ideas happen? Over the years I have worked with hundreds of people helping them turn their ideas into action. Some of them were in the creative industries. Others were in art and design education. Some of them were just people who wanted to change the direction of their lives, but couldn’t quite see the way through.

In some cases it just took a short conversation to dissolve the obstacles and get their idea moving. In others the process took a little longer to nurse their ideas through to fruition. In every case the solutions came from them. I could offer them some tips and tricks that other people have found helpful. I have enough experience of the process of making ideas happen to help them navigate their way through some of the inevitable challenges and doubts of making real what was once just a thought. But my key role has been as an attentive listener providing a space where they could hear themselves think and through their thinking go on to action.

So if you have an idea you want to get moving and need a confidential, supportive space to talk it through, why not get in touch. Just click on the “Contact Richard” button and we can take it from there.


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