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Roger Payne | martial arts teacher

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The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School (MSMAS ) also know as Tenshin Kan Dojo (UK) was founded in the late 1980’s as a 'Mixed Martial Arts School' focused on the Martial Arts of Japan, located just outside of Haywards Heath in Mid Sussex.

The MSMAS Dojo, professionally 'Health & Safety Assessed', today offers two fully matted areas plus ample free car parking.

ALL training takes place in our own traditional and permanent Dojo (Training Hall), built by hand by some of the Founder’s original Students, as their own unpaid contribution to the Dojo's growth.

Senior (Adult) Sessions in Judo, Aikido, Iaido & Kendo are held throughout the week and also at weekends.

All ages and abilities are most welcome to try a free, no obligation trial session to experience any of our Martial Arts, in a safe and relaxed environment with no pressure, under the guidance of one of our many Instructors.

The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School's Senior, Youth & Junior Judo Sessions also operates within the British Judo Association with full Child Protection & Equity Policies in place, plus two appointed Welfare Officers, plus as an approved Leisure Provider to the West Sussex County Council Children & Young People’s Services.

MSMAS Judo received Club Mark Bronze Award from the British Judo Association for excellence.

The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School is also known internationally as Tenshin Kan Dojo (UK), and is now probably one of the oldest and most traditional mixed Martial Arts Centres in the UK today.

As such, the School is home Dojo of Official UK Representative (Daihyo), Dai Nippon Butoku Kai International Division, Kyoto, Japan. Dai Nippon Butoku Kai is an ancient and prestigious Martial Arts Society, presided over by His Royal Highness, Sosai, Higashi Fushimi, Jigo, the Chief Abbot of Shorenin Temple and brother to late Empress Kotaigo of Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

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MSMAS Dojo Head & Founder:

Roger Payne, Kyoshi

6th Dan Aikido, 7th Dan Judo & 6th Dan Iaido.

Founder of ‘The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School’ (formerly Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Mid Sussex) now also known as 'Tenshin Kan Dojo UK'.

DNBKID 'Daihyo' (Official Representative of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in the United Kingdom until 2013).
DNBKID 'Kenshoin', Representative for Judo serving under the direction of the Japan Hombu and the DNBK International Division, chaired by Japan’s Prince Higashi Fushimi Jigo, this appointment being an extension of the authority of the DNBK Hombu and its Governing Body.
DNBKID 'Shihan', Master Teacher, Aikido Kyoshi, Judo Kyoshi & Iaido Kyoshi.

Began training in the Martial Arts nearly 50 years ago, starting with Shotokan Karate, under the auspices of the KUGB, then made contact with Judo, Iaido, Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Kendo & KoBudo, reaching Dan Grade (Black Belt) in 3, whilst Grading in many others.

Opened own Dojo in late 1980’s and now, over 25 years later still teaches weekly, his belief in Kihon (basic) Waza (technique) completely unshaken and as strong today as it ever was, believing always:

"constant practice of the basics is the only way to progress, whilst trying to retain the 'beginners mind',"

so essential, in his opinion, to either teach and/or learn effectively.

1994 took formal 'Mat Gradings' at the inaugural DNBKID Seminar in London by DNBKID, after which awarded Ranked ratification of his existing Grades in 3 separate disciplines, Aikido, Judo & Iaido.

Became International & Certificated DNBK ID Member # 10.

Later appointed Official UK Coordinator, then Official UK Representative (Daihyo) of DNBKID, a post he now holds until 2011.

Since 1994 priviliged to attend numerous DNBK ID Training Camps & Seminars around the World, fully participating in all and given the great honour to teach at some...

DNBK ID Training Camps & Seminars

1994 ~ UK ~ Inaugural 'International DNBK ID Seminar', London.
1997 ~ USA ~ '25th Anniversary Camp' of DNBKID., Nags Head, North Carolina.
1998 ~ USA ~ '1st World Butoku Sai', Norfolk, Virginia.
2000 ~ UK ~ 'United Kingdom Butoku Sai', Manchester.
2002 ~ JAPAN ~ '2nd World Butoku Sai' & '40th National All Japan Butoku Sai', Kyoto.
2003 ~ GERMANY ~ 'European Rensei Taikai', Magdeburg.
2004 ~ USA ~ 'All America & International Butoku Sai', Norfolk, Virginia.
2005 ~ PORTUGAL ~ 'European Rensei Taikai', Sintra.
2006 ~ UK ~ 'UK Budo Seminar', High Wycombe.
2006 ~ UK ~ 'UK Lecture & Demonstration Tour' by Hanshi Hamada, Eton College.
2006 ~ UK ~ 'UK Lecture & Demonstration Tour' by Hanshi Hamada, Oxford University.
2006 ~ UK ~ 'UK Lecture & Demonstration Tour' by Hanshi Hamada, Cambridge University.
2006 ~ FRANCE ~ 'French Rensei Taikai', Chartres.
2006 ~ BELGIUM ~ 'Belgium Butoku Sai', Brussels.
2007 ~ CANADA ~ 'Canadian Rensei Taikai', Toronto.
2008 ~ JAPAN ~ '3rd World Butoku Sai' & '46th All Japan Butoku Sai', Kyoto.
2009 ~ GREECE ~ ‘Greece Rensei Taikai’, Athens.
2010 ~ USA ~ 'All America & International Butoku Sai', Norfolk, Virginia.
2011 ~ CANADA ~ DNBK 2nd World Youth & Canadian Butoku Sai, Kingston.
2012 ~ JAPAN ~ 50th All Japan Butoku Sai & 4th World Butoku Sai, Kyoto

A selection of just some other non-DNBKID Seminars/Events abroad where invited to teach...

• RUSSIA ~ Guest Aikido Instructor ~ Alexander Arabadjiev, Kyoshi, Moscow Budokan.
• RUSSIA ~ Guest Aikido Instructor ~ Alexander Chinakhov Sensei, Togliatti, Volga.
• PORTUGAL ~ Guest Aikido Instructor ~ AAS (Associação de Aikido do Sul) Aikido Festival.
• CARIBBEAN ~ Guest Aikido Instructor ~ West Indies Aikido Federation (Jamaica & Barbados).
• GERMANY ~ Guest Judo Instructor ~ VaK e V. International German Budo Seminar.
• GERMANY ~ Guest Budo Instructor ~ Schulpforta, Saxony-Anhalt.
• RUSSIA ~ Honoured to be Aikido Teacher for "Aikido Federation Ajkikaj Togliatti", Russia.

A selection of a few UK Association & Events attended as 'Guest Instructor'....

• United Kingdom Jujitsu Association International Seminars
• South of England Martial Arts Festival for Disabled People
• Martial Arts Planet Mixed Martial Arts Festivals
• Gozo Shioda Memorial Seminars
• Meeting of Minds Aikido Festivals
• Shin Gi Tai Aikido Festivals

UK Educational Establishments ....

• Eton College (DNBK Lecture Tour) ~ Guest Instructor.
• Brunel University (Department of Sport Sciences) London ~ Guest Martial Arts Lecturer.
• Oxford University ~ DNBK Lecture Tour.
• Cambridge University ~ DNBK Lecture Tour.
• Oakmeeds College, Burgess Hill, Sussex ~ Approved Guest 'Martial Arts Instructor'.
• Oathall Community College, Haywards Heath, Sussex ~ Approved Guest 'Judo Coach'.
• St Paul's Sports College, Burgess Hill, Sussex ~ Approved 'British Judo Association' Coach.
• West Sussex Local Education Authority ~ Approved 'TOPS' Sports Coach.

Other details:

• British Judo Association # Registered Judo YuDansha (Black Belt), Qualified/Accredited Level 2 Judo Coach, Theory Examiner & Judo Kata Certificated.

• British Kendo Association ~ Past Member & Iaido YuDansha

• Aikido Journal Encyclopaedia listed as # 871.

• Japan Society of Brighton & Mid Sussex ~ Founding Committee Member & 'Martial Arts advisor'.

• 'The National Academy of Traditional JiuJitsu' ~ Aikido & Iaido ranks recognised throughout Russia by Alexander Arabadjiev, Kyoshi.

• 'Budokan' in Moscow ~ Judo rank recognised by Sergey Kosorotov, past Heavyweight Judo 'Champion of the World' at this world famous Dojo in Moscow.

• 'Federation Aikido Aikikai', Togliatti, Russia. ~ Listed Teacher of Aikido.

• 'Japanese Arts Festival' London ~ Martial Arts Advisor.

• 'Entertainment & Media Show' (Japanese Culture Zone) London ~ Martial Arts of Japan.

• West Sussex County Council Children & Young People’s Services ~ Approved ‘Leisure Provider’.

Sep 1962


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


As a 'Not for Profit' centre, we are not looking for quantity to make a profit, we are looking for commitment.

Make an enquiry Phone: 01444 318422

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