Sifu Aldo

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Wing Chun instructor

Based in
Islington, Greater London, United Kingdom

Make an enquiry Phone: +44(0)7787 544 819

Sifu Aldo was first introduced to martial arts as a young 10 year old boy in Italy in 1975. He studied Budokan karate there until his family emigrated to the UK in 1979 where he trained in Shotokan karate for a few years under the late Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda. In 1981, Sifu Aldo discovered Ving Tsun Kuen (Wing Chun Fist) and initiated his Kung Fu training under Grandmaster Kan Wah Chit, the first generation student of the Great Grandmaster Yip (Ip) Man and senior kung fu brother to Bruce Lee. In 1992 Sifu Aldo, now a qualified 'Sifu' (teacher), embarked on his own personal journey to begin teaching Traditional Ving Tsun classes in London and still continues to this day...

Group Classes

Classical Wing Chun Classes (Islington, London)

Learn Wing Chun and you will never have to be bigger and stronger than an attacker in order to feel safe. Wing Chun is comprised from practical and efficient core principles focusing on absorbing, redirecting and utilising incoming energy to one's own advantage; this makes it ideal for people of any size, age or gender. Protecting one's self with Wing Chun concepts is comparable to fighting fire with water, removing all of the fancy movement and focusing on effective techniques passed down through several generations from the Great Grandmaster Yip (IP) Man, his student Bruce Lee and beyond. Wing Chun is an internal and external artform allowing a practitioner to explore and understand their own energy, to find inner calm during the storm and develop self confidence, awareness and discipline.

It's a: 
The Arc Centre
98 St Paul Street, Islington, London, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Every Thursday, 8pm-10pm (starts Aug 25th 2016)


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Make an enquiry Phone: +44(0)7787 544 819

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