Simon Heather

shamanic healing teacher

Based in
Montgomery, Powys, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Hyssington, Powys
Simon Heather | shamanic healing teacher

Rates: £175 for a weekend training workshop/ £60 for a day workshop

Make an enquiry Phone: 01588 620710

Simon Heather M.Soc.Sc.,Lic.Ac.
Simon is an internationally known workshop leader, healer and author. Simon has been teaching shamanic healing workshops for over fifteen years. Simon is also one of the leading teachers of sound healing in the UK.

Over the last eighteen years he has written six books and produced six CD's.

Simon is Principal of the College of Sound Healing. It is non-profit making organisation dedicated to teaching and promoting sound healing in the UK.

Simon has trained extensively in the healing arts: - acupuncture, body work, Chinese medicine, massage, emotional healing, shamanic healing, sound healing, sacred dance, qi gong, and yoga. Simon is a qualified acupuncturist and a member of the College of Healing.

Simon draws on all spiritual traditions in his teaching. Simon has visited India many times to study the yoga of sound.

Simon has taught sound healing in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the USA as well as in the UK.

Simon is one of the course tutors for the College of Sound Healing.

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Group Classes

The Sounds of the Chakras

According to the ancient scriptures of India, each chakra has a 'bija mantra' or 'seed sound'. Each chakra is also connected with a different element and the sound vibration creates the chakra out of this element.

For example, the bija mantra for the base chakra is 'Lam' (pronounced 'Lang'). This is the Sanskrit sound balancing the earth element. By making this sound in our base chakra, we are connecting with the element earth and balancing this chakra.

When we chant these sacred mantras we bring health to the body and peace to the mind.

- Understanding the chakras and the five elements
- Learn how to sound the Sanskrit bija mantras for the chakras
- Learn how to balance the chakras with the bija mantras
- Learn how to use the bija mantras for self healing

It's a: 
Hyssington Village Hall
Hyssington, Near Churchstoke, Powys, SY15 6AT, Powys, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
10am - 5pm

An Introduction to Sound Healing

This is Part One of a Five Part Sound Healing Practitioner Training Course

Understanding the healing power of the voice
Removing blockages from the voice
Voice exercises
Creating pure tone

Experience a sound healing session

The Importance of the Breath

Understanding harmonics and their role in healing
Develop the ability to hear harmonics
Learn techniques to create vocal harmonics

Learn sacred chants from different spiritual traditions

Balancing the chakras with vowel sounds
Using sound for meditation

It's a: 
Hyssiington Village Hall
Hyssington, Powys, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
17th / 18th March 2012 - 10am - 5pm


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Make an enquiry Phone: 01588 620710

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