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Reading, United Kingdom
Simon Thackeray | aikido instructor

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Join our special Aikido Foundations Scheme and learn the basics of this exciting martial art.

Aikido training is now available at the White Oak Dojo, Reading, Berkshire. Beginners aged 18+ are always welcome. Join our special Foundations Scheme and learn the basics of this exciting martial art. Please phone or email us for more information. Taught by 5th dan British Aikido Board recognised Senior Coach with over 28 years' experience.
Wednesdays 2030-2200 (jo/bokken)
Sundays 1630-1830 (general training)
Member of the Institute of Aikido (Founded in 1973)

Aikido is a non-competitive, defensive Japanese martial art that aims to control violence with technical skill, rather than with brute force and with practice, the various throwing and pinning techniques can become very effective, without the need to build great physical strength.

Sessions start with gentle stretching, followed by the practice of basic movements. Techniques are then demonstrated and practised in pairs. Aikido is not an opportunity for fighting or unnecessary trials of strength, so everyone can participate together, whatever their age, build or skill level.

Aikido teaches the efficient use of the body to maximise its power with fitness, suppleness, good posture and co-ordination all being developed through practice. Self-confidence grows as co-ordination and balance improve and we reconnect to being present in our bodies and to occupying our personal space.

As we gain confidence in our abilities, we can move away from adrenaline fuelled 'flight or fight’ reactions and choose to respond in a manner appropriate to the situation. The same approach can be extended to non-physical conflicts and confrontations. Regular training helps practitioners to become centred and grounded and thereby better able to deal with the stresses of daily life.
What our students have said:
‘I tried a few martial arts and found Aikido intriguing’
‘The people are friendly and helpful’
‘It’s fun and challenging’
‘It’s about developing your own skills in a safe environment.’


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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