Stan Lee

aikido. martial arts. sword teacher

Based in
Harold Wood, Greater London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Harold Wood, London

Rates: £8 per lesson or £26 for 4 lessons.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07540 331436

I have committed 18 years to Aikido and an older form of Japanese martial art called Kashima no Tachi. I am in pursuit of worldwide standards of excellence and direct transmission of the art from Japan.

People come to Aikido for many reasons and not just the allure of learning fighting arts, but also for fitness and social reasons. The lessons of Aikido is applicable to people of all lifestyles. Therefore, for me I am always seeking to practice in a community that is mixed ages, ability and gender.

I am a holder of 4th Dan from the Aikikai Hombu and Shoden certificate in Kashima no Tachi from Inaba Minoru Sensei, previous headmaster of Shiseikan Budojo (Meiji Shrine) Tokyo.

Kashima no Tachi is a much older form of Japanese martial art (Koryu) and I am proficient in the following forms: sword, battojutsu (drawing a sheathed sword), Jo (3 foot long pole) and Yari (spear).

Inaba Minoru Sensei was Kunii Zen'ya's direct student. Kunii Zen'ya was the 18th Headmaster of a 500 year old school of bujutsu called Kashima Shinryu / Kashima no Tachi.

I have also studied Kendo for 5 years with some additional teachings in Judo, Jodo and Iaido.

My training also includes Chen style taijiquan, which I studied for 6 years under my taiji teacher Kinthissa and her direct teacher Master Chen Xiao Wang (19th Generation master of the Chen Family Taiji). I have been taught the Chen 19 short form, Laojia Long form and various weapons forms including Sabre (Broadsword), Straight sword and Spear.

I currently continue to train and support my own teacher, Paul Smith Sensei (6th Dan) at his dojo in London where I also, with delight been leading the children's class (5 to 10 years old) for the past 10 years.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.



Make an enquiry Phone: 07540 331436

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